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Revolutionizing 3D Design: Toggle3D's AI-Powered Platform Saves Time and Money in Texturing Workflow

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Toggle3D Chief Product Officer Dasha Vdovina joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share exciting news about a major update to the company's platform. Toggle3D utilizes generative AI to convert CAD files, and now, they have introduced a significant upgrade with the introduction of a new AI photo segmentation algorithm for the Toggle3D web application.

Vdovina explained that this latest feature is part of's ongoing development efforts, aiming to enhance the efficiency and speed of the 3D texturing creative workflow. By leveraging AI-powered tools, the platform saves time and resources for both individual users and entire design teams. This new feature is the first among several AI-powered tools to be released on the platform in the coming months, exclusively available to Platform Pro users.

When users upload a 3D model along with a 2D reference image, the AI algorithm segments the 2D reference into different parts, allowing users to select specific parts directly within the platform. Subsequently, the technology takes a patch from the segmented part and compares it with the pre-existing material library, automating the process of matching the 2D photo to the 3D material.

The introduction of this new AI photo segmentation algorithm demonstrates Toggle3D's commitment to continuous innovation and providing advanced tools to streamline the 3D texturing workflow. By harnessing the power of AI, Toggle3D empowers designers and teams to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in their creative processes.


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