Revolutionizing energy: Correlate CEO Todd Michaels unveils 2023 success and bold plans for 2024 | News Direct

Revolutionizing energy: Correlate CEO Todd Michaels unveils 2023 success and bold plans for 2024

News release by Correlate Energy Corp.

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Correlate Energy Corp CEO Todd Michaels joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss the company's focus on distributed energy solutions in North America.

Correlate specializes in solar, electric vehicle infrastructure, battery storage, and energy efficiency.

Solar is a key technology, offering a 10-20% cost advantage over local utilities. The company's contracts are growing as businesses increasingly adopt electrification for vehicles and infrastructure.

Michaels highlighted a recent project in Illinois, reflecting Correlate's typical portfolio, working with businesses that have multiple locations.

The CEO emphasized the company's significant growth in 2023, with a focus on executing projects started in the previous year. Correlate plans to double its staff and expand into new markets.

In terms of funding, Michaels discussed federal tax credits and the Inflation Reduction Act, providing a stable $1 trillion pool of capital over the next decade to support clean energy projects.

The company anticipates a dynamic 2024, building on its success in 2023. Correlate Energy Corp. continues to position itself as a leader in the distributed energy sector, leveraging incentives and a growing market demand.


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