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Revolve Law Group LLP Aligns with TRUST-CFO, Protecting Californians’ Wealth and Mitigating Taxes Using Private Retirement Plans

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It is no secret that California continues to see a mass exodus of residents, due largely to astronomical taxation and creditor-friendly courts and legislation. To help residents stay, Revolve Law Group utilizes one of California’s oldest state exemption statutes. Aligning with industry leader TRUST-CFO®, Revolve Law Group has effectively advised business and real estate owners how they can help mitigate tax on both income and capital gains, while also securing the ancillary benefit of asset protection, through properly structuring a private retirement plan.

California Code of Civil Procedure 704.115 - California’s own private retirement statute – permits a California resident to receive a creditor exemption for a “private retirement plan (PRP)” in which “all funds, distributions, and death benefits” are exempt from creditor attachment and seizure. This safe, time tested, and cost-effective planning tool for California residents is of great support to those building private equity, business interests, real estate or any other investment for their future retirement. The contents of each private retirement plan under this code are fully exempt from both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy lawsuits, and the PRP hedges against excessive taxation on active earnings, passive income, and capital gains.

In their alliance with industry leader TRUST-CFO®, the state’s largest PRP administrator, Revolve Law Group is able to empower Californians with a superior tax solution that proves to be a vital tool for those looking to stay in California.

“Our world revolves around our clients, and as such, we remain committed to discovering solutions that can make their world as lucrative for them as it can be. Through partnerships with leading organizations like TRUST-CFO®, we are elevating our clientele’s financial legacies, one private retirement plan at a time.”- Kimberly Wright, Esq, Founder and Managing Partner, Revolve Law Group LLP


About Revolve Law Group LLP: Revolve Law Group was designed to position the client at the center of every collaboration. Led by Founding Partner Kimberly Wright, Esq and Co-Managing Partner Sara Naheedy, the powerhouse female team is raising the bar for excellence. Dedicated to their core principles which guide their every move, the firm leads with determination, civility, curiosity, integrity, compassion, and a dose of humor. The practice of law is a serious business, but it doesn’t have to be without laughter. Laughter improves health, overall quality of life, and leads to greater productivity. The Irvine-based law firm focuses on areas of practice such as civil litigation, appeals and writs, asset protection, business law, and real estate law. However, the firm and its partners specialize in building relationships through concierge support. Revolve Law Group is home to trusted counsel who focus on the solutions of tomorrow, with unparalleled commitment, for clientele valuing convergence of ingenuity and foresight.

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