Ride the Crypto Bull Run: Dive into HTX's Enhanced Flexible Products and Dual Investment with Expanded Offerings, Enjoying Up to 10% APY | News Direct

Ride the Crypto Bull Run: Dive into HTX's Enhanced Flexible Products and Dual Investment with Expanded Offerings, Enjoying Up to 10% APY

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Bitcoin has tested the $70,000 mark several times, fueling persistent FOMO sentiment in the market, while an array of new protocols and staking opportunities emerge. In the current crypto bull market, HTX Earn offers a variety of robust products to help investors achieve financial growth. With distinct advantages, these products offer a diverse range of offerings, high APYs, and low entry barriers. Users can choose products based on their financial situation as each of HTX Earn's products has its features.

Quick and Easy Access to Simple Earn, with Products Offering up to 10% APY

HTX Earn's Flexible products are continuously broadening their selection to include more popular cryptocurrencies, empowering users to capitalize on the appreciation of high-quality cryptos while earning returns. Additionally, these Flexible products offer exceptional flexibility, allowing users to deposit and withdraw funds at their convenience.

According to HTX's official announcement, HTX Earn has recently introduced new Flexible products for PEPE, BOME, SLERF, DEGEN, and WIF, boasting up to 10% APY. To subscribe to these products, you can access them either through HTX's official website or app. Please follow the steps below. Website: Log in to HTX's official website > click "Earn" on the navigation bar > select "Flexible, Fixed" in the dropdown menu. App: Log in to your HTX App > tap "Earn" on the main page > select "Simple Earn".

Compared to Traditional Offerings, HTX's Structured Products Provide Higher Annualized Earnings

HTX Structured Products is an innovative financial instrument that includes assets linked to fixed income and derivatives to meet the personalized needs of investors with different risk preferences and return expectations. These products feature higher APYs and zero fees, catering to users with risk tolerance, professional investors, and institutions. This category encompasses two products: Dual Investment and Shark Fin.

Dual Investment is a non-principal-protected structured product that consists of two cryptocurrencies. It empowers investors with the flexibility to select a target price and date, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities to purchase the specified cryptocurrency at a lower price or sell it at a higher value in the future. The Dual Investment product is non-principal protected and generates floating earnings. It allows you to gain returns by investing in one of the cryptos, such as BTC, ETH, AVAX, and SOL.

At present, HTX Earn has updated its Dual Investment products, adding LTC, DOT, LINK, and MATIC offerings. This expansion broadens the range of choices available to users.

Shark Fin is the flagship product of HTX Earn, and its pattern can be either bullish or bearish. What sets Shark Fin apart is its unique ability to enable investors to secure basic returns while potentially pursuing more profits based on market fluctuations. Additionally, these products are characterized by flexibility and short investment cycles without affecting fund liquidity. Users' returns from Shark Fin are determined by the accuracy of their predictions about future market trends. During the first quarter of 2024, 15 rounds of 7-day Shark Fin products were issued, amassing a total subscription amount of $1.5 billion, with the highest APY reaching 60%. Users can make subscriptions by navigating to "HTX Earn" > "Shark Fin" during the subscription period.

As a world-leading digital asset trading platform, HTX has maintained a secure operation for eleven years. HTX Earn serves as a dependable instrument for the management of virtual assets, presenting a wide range of products that align with users' requirements. It guarantees the utmost security of assets, thanks to the exchange's robust risk management system. Furthermore, HTX Earn is purpose-built to deliver top-tier assets for daily passive income, coupled with a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless and convenient wealth management experience.


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