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RIoT Secure: Simplifying IoT Security With Innovative Lifecycle Management of Microcontrollers This business feature discusses how RIoT Secure, a Stockholm-based software and network security provider, is transforming IoT security with an innovative lifecycle management platform.

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RIoT Secure is a Stockholm-based technology enabler within the IoT industry. Founded in 2017 by Aaron Ardiri and Bjorn de Jounge, who are engineers and entrepreneurs, RIoT Secure offers a unique lifecycle management platform for resource-constrained micro-controllers, enabling developers to deploy and maintain IoT devices securely. The company's mission is to ensure that security technology exists in the foundations of software development for IoT solutions and to make security available to all IoT things, regardless of the computational and memory resources available.

The IoT industry presents challenges for manufacturers, enterprises, and consumers, as it encompasses a wide range of devices from simple sensors to complex management systems. Security within IoT over the last decade has been a major concern due to slow standardization time for end-to-end security and device lifecycle management. In addition, embedded skills are rarely taught at university level to ensure that firmware for low-powered, resource-constrained devices can meet stringent security requirements and remain functional. Many IoT projects fail, due to the unexpected additional costs required to integrate security and communications.

RIoT Secure offers a solution that addresses these challenges by providing a platform allowing developers to focus on the sensors, actuators and edge-computing while providing real-time monitoring, control, and maintenance of IoT devices, ensuring secure data exchange between trusted sources, and minimizing the risk of cyber attacks.

RIoT Secure has developed their platform with secure by design in mind, opting to develop the majority of their source code from scratch, which makes it purpose driven and easy to audit. The company provides a range of technologies, from cryptographic technology optimized for low-powered resource-constrained devices to network-agnostic developer modules to a complete device lifecycle management platform tailored specifically to the requirements of any IoT ecosystem. Their platform has been designed and implemented from the ground up specifically for IoT, from sensors to gateways, particularly low-powered resource-constrained devices.

The company's platform offers secure communication to the cloud for resource-constrained microcontrollers, over-the-air firmware updates, and lifecycle management. The company's services also enhance data collection, even when there is no network availability and information processing and are built on top of the platform. RIoT Secure's platform utilizes multiple microcontrollers, providing a separation of concerns and freedom of choice for the microcontroller, operating system, environment, and programming language that the customer can use for their solution. It manages the complexities of networking and security protocols, enabling quick time to market. The platform is architected to co-exist with existing management platforms and provides extensive third-party integration points.

RIoT Secure participated in the EU Horizon 2020 program with EIT Digital, which resulted in the commercialization of their platform with successful pilot case studies with Comau and SAS ground service handling. As a result of the case studies, they are currently retrofitting all existing telematics devices for SAS ground service handling with their solution, and discussions are underway to expand the solution to other hubs in the SAS's ecosystem. The solution does more than basic telematics and allows SAS ground service handling to perform automated billing services and increased safety and security within the tarmac.

Aaron Ardiri shared his experience building and developing the RIoT Secure lifecycle management platform. He mentioned that their platform was able to provide second-level location and environmental data, which has helped diagnose and create reports for accidents that have occurred at the airport. In comparison to legacy telematics solutions it was clear that the RIoT Secure platform exceeded all customer expectations with the quality and content of data it provided. He mentioned that they are interested in engaging with more embedded development communities, exploring the PSA-certified standard for their system and are open to discussions for collaboration.

The platform offers an ultimate level of protection against hackers and data snooping by providing hardware extraction where the customer’s device is effectively isolated from the outside world. All firmware and data is optimized to minimize network traffic, while being fully encrypted, complete with integrity checks ensuring the security of IoT devices at all times. With RIoT Secure, customers can securely manage an IoT deployment with a real-time overview, reducing operational and maintenance costs, and avoiding the need to have a physical presence to update or service devices.

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