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RocketFuel CEO reveals surprising data on cryptocurrency usage: why stablecoins are the future

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RocketFuel Payment Solutions CEO Peter Jensen joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share intriguing insights into the use of cryptocurrencies in a third-quarter data analysis.

With a focus on enabling the seamless transfer of funds, RocketFuel observed 273,000 payment transactions, revealing a notable preference for certain coins. Notably, over 95% of their transaction volume was concentrated in just five cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins took the lead, making up 42% of the payments, followed by Bitcoin (35%), Ethereum (10%), and Litecoin (10%). The remaining 35 coins collectively accounted for the rest.

This trend highlights the demand for stability and predictability in the cryptocurrency space.

Jensen's prediction for the future of cryptocurrency transactions indicates a significant shift towards stablecoins. He foresees that in three years, more than 95% of crypto transactions will involve stablecoins, owing to their reliability and suitability for everyday payments. This shift mirrors the broader financial landscape, where people primarily use stable currencies like the US dollar and euro for day-to-day financial transactions.

RocketFuel is well-positioned to facilitate this transition, with the data revealing that the majority of cryptocurrency usage is concentrated in Western economies, including the United States and Europe. The company's infrastructure aligns perfectly with the growing adoption of stablecoins in these regions, promising an easier, faster, more secure, and cost-effective way to move money globally.


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