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Rocketfuel Payment Solutions believes partnerships are a key part of the company’s success

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Rocketfuel Payment Solutions senior sales manager Daniel Gonzalves joined Steve Darling from Proactive to shed light on a crucial aspect of the company's business partnerships.

Rocketfuel Payment Solutions plays a pivotal role in the cryptocurrency payment ecosystem by collaborating with both partners and merchants, facilitating crypto payments, enabling customer payouts, and assisting in B2B cross-border transactions. Partnerships in the context of Rocketfuel Payment Solutions encompass various entities, including Payment Solution Providers (PSPs) and business groups, among others.

PSPs typically work with multiple merchants, offering support for traditional payment methods like credit cards. Partners can take many forms, such as organizations with access to a network of merchants.

Notably, RocketFuel has a strategic partnership with ACI, a prominent payment processor globally. ACI is renowned for processing debit and credit card payments, serving 80,000 merchants, and 115 million shoppers, and handling 20 billion in monthly transactions. Some of ACI's notable clients include major US airlines and other well-established brands

In its partnership arrangements, RocketFuel employs a revenue-sharing model. Every time a customer makes a payment using cryptocurrency, all parties involved — the merchant, the partner, and RocketFuel — benefit from the transaction.

Rocketfuel Payment Solutions operates with partners worldwide, establishing a global presence in the cryptocurrency payment space. One of the key features highlighted is the state-of-the-art dashboard, which intelligently reports all revenue for both partners and merchants. This dashboard provides transparent and comprehensive insights into the financial aspects of their crypto payment activities, enhancing transparency and enabling informed decision-making.

The company's focus on partnerships and its collaboration with industry giants like ACI underscores its commitment to expanding the adoption of cryptocurrency payments and providing valuable services to merchants and partners across the globe.


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