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ROCKI and Black Dog Music Partners Announce Music NFT Partnership Black Dog CEO Scott Kelly Becomes Advisor to ROCKI

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ROCKI and Black Dog Music Partners have announced that they are teaming up to provide artists with more opportunities to monetize their music via blockchain and NFT technology. In addition, Black Dog CEO Scott Kelly has joined the advisory board of ROCKI.

Scott Kelly, CEO of Black Dog Music Partners commented, “ ROCKI has built the leading platform for musicians and bands to take full advantage of blockchain and NFT technology to expand their fan base and make more money. Our access to independent artists and labels, fans, top brands and NFT investors will create a dynamic partnership. ”  

Bjorn Niclas, ROCKI’s Co-Founder & CEO said: “We’re extremely excited about this partnership with such an established and well-known partner in the music space. We look forward to working closely with Black Dog Music Partners and onboarding their talent roster to the ROCKI platform.”


ROCKI is the next generation of music streaming services. Powered by the ROCKS token, it is the first platform that rewards both the artists for their streams and the listeners for listening. ROCKI is a music streaming service and music NFT platform (built on BSC) designed to solve some of the most fundamental problems of the music industry - creating new revenue streams for artists.

ROCKI allows artists to earn the ROCKS cryptocurrency for their streams, coupled with the world’s first hybrid subscription model in both Fiat and Crypto using a User-Centric payment system that pays the majority of the subscription revenue from a listener directly to the artists they are streaming.

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