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Royal Road Minerals making headway in two "incredibly supportive" jurisdictions

Royal Road Minerals
News release by Royal Road Minerals

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Royal Road Minerals Ltd (TSX-V:RYR, OTC:RRDMF) President and CEO Tim Coughlin speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London about the latest developments at the mineral exploration and development company.

He starts by explaining that the business' interests are split into two streams: South America, where it operates the Güintar Project in Colombia and the Santa Domingo project in Argentina, and a joint venture with Saudi Arabian firm MSB Holdings, exploring copper and gold prospects in Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Coughlin emphasises the critical need for mineral exploration and development, highlighting the industry's general undervaluation, even as mainstream media has begun drawing attention to the crucial role mining plays. Recently, Royal Road Minerals announced transactions on some Colombian assets, primarily high-grade gold assets deemed either too small or challenging to operate due to local conditions.

The company, however, remains committed to the Güintar Porphyry project in Colombia, viewing other assets as opportunities to finance future ventures. Coughlin also spotlights the company's active efforts in Saudi Arabia and Morocco. He underlines Saudi Arabia's grassroots environment for mining and praised the government's proactive approach to mining investments.


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