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Sage, the Labrador Retriever, Receives Hero’s Welcome Aboard USS Gerald R. Ford Labrador’s Landfall: Celebrating Sage's Unprecedented Role in Sailors' Resilience and Mental Health during Deployment

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In an emotional homecoming unlike any before, the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group (CSG) returned to port after a strenuous eight-month deployment, with extensions that tested the resilience of its sailors. But among the many heroes welcomed back, none shone brighter than Sage, the three-year-old Labrador Retriever who served as more than just a mascot, but as a vital member of the ship's warfighter toughness mental health and resiliency team.

Sage, trained by Mutts with a Mission and raised by the dedicated "Some Guy Named Allen" — Allen Fabijan — has been a beacon of comfort and morale for sailors. Her presence aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford has helped countless crew members navigate the stress of deployment. The sight of Sage, with her wagging tail and empathetic eyes, became synonymous with a haven of peace amidst the waves of uncertainty and challenge.

The pier was excited with signs and cheers for Sage, a testament to her impact on the ship's community. "Sage is a rockstar! It was crazy to see all the signs made for her on the pier for the homecoming," said Allen Fabijan, reflecting the collective sentiment of the crew and their families. He added, "I am touched by the countless stories from sailors and family members Sage was able to help while the FORD was deployed. It's an amazing story, and I hope the NAVY finds a way to bring more dogs like Sage into service."

Sage's return marks the first homecoming of its kind, setting a precedent for the role of support animals in military operations. Her deployment has not only proven successful but has also sparked a conversation on the broader implementation of stress control canines across the Navy.

As the USS Gerald R. Ford docks, the sailors and their families are not the only ones celebrating. The legacy of Sage and the Mutts with a Mission program stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of companionship and support in the most challenging of times.

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Allen Fabijan, also known as "Some Guy Named Allen," is the compassionate Puppy Raiser and trainer behind Sage's success. His remarkable journey with Sage can be followed on his Instagram, Some Guy Named Allen, where he shares the inspiring tales and behind-the-scenes looks at the training that transforms these dogs into lifelines for those in service. His work extends beyond the realm of canine training into the heart of the community, as detailed on US1061, highlighting his multifaceted contributions and the indelible mark he leaves on every mission and every life Sage touches.


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