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Sarytogan Graphite targets industrial markets with high-purity graphite

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Sarytogan Graphite Ltd (ASX:SGA) managing director Sean Gregory is back in the Proactive studio with Jonathan Jackson to discuss the expansion of its strategic plan for the Sarytogan Graphite Deposit to include new target markets. Testing on bulk flotation concentrate indicated that the material, with a carbon purity of 80% to 85%, is suitable for industrial and military applications without further purification. While part of this concentrate will be refined for advanced uses such as battery manufacturing and nuclear applications, the remainder can be used as a dry lubricant or lubricant pigment in traditional industrial and military settings. Gregory emphasised the importance of maximising economic returns by penetrating multiple markets. The company aims to deliver high-purity graphite to advanced industrial markets after customer qualification. New results indicate that the precursor Sarytogan Micro-Crystalline 80-85% C graphite product is suitable for traditional industrial applications, ensuring a steady demand base for the project. SGA plans to produce three types of products from its namesake deposit, which has a mineral resource estimate of 229 million tonnes at 28.9% total graphite carbon, equating to 66 million tonnes of contained graphite. These products will target various markets at different refinement stages. The company has also tested lithium-ion batteries made from Sarytogan Uncoated Spherical Purified Graphite (USPG) anodes, showing exceptional performance. Coin-cell batteries with Sarytogan Coated Spherical Purified Graphite (CSPG) anodes have been manufactured, with results pending incorporation into a pre-feasibility study expected in the third quarter.



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