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Scott Puritz, Managing Director of Wealth Management Firm Rebalance, Presented Investing 101 Webinar to Tufts Alumni Earlier this Month Puritz and Rebalance are Committed to Increasing Investing Literacy Throughout the U.S.

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During a time in American history when markets are experiencing volatility by the second, inflation is at an all-time high, and uncertainty about the global economy abounds, there’s no question that many Americans are in panic mode, especially when it comes to their retirement planning. A major part of this panic can be attributed to a lack of proper information about investing or investing literacy.

 Scott Puritz, Managing Director of award-winning wealth management firm Rebalance, is determined to change this. Puritz and his firm are on a mission to increase investing literacy throughout the United States.

Investing literacy means having a basic knowledge of investing and how to effectively manage the balance between risk and reward so that one can potentially achieve their long-term financial goals. Through investing literacy, one develops the awareness and knowledge of hidden fees, conflicts of interest, the power of diversification, and a basic understanding of the financial landscape. The net result is a more informed consumer.

By providing investing literacy education, Puritz hopes to arm people with the tools to become more informed and empowered consumers.

“Often, I see people worry and struggle about their financial futures and think that they will not be able to attain a financially secure retirement,” Puritz said. “This does not have to be their reality. Everyday investors can achieve superior investment results by harnessing endowment-style, highly-diversified portfolios, composed of major asset classes represented by best-of-breed low-cost ETF index funds. They can then strike the right balance between risk and reward and achieve their long-term financial goals with more peace of mind.”

Earlier this month, Puritz was invited by his alma mater, Tufts University, to give an introductory course on investing to a packed alumni audience on Zoom. During this webinar, he explained how attendees could potentially learn how to grow their savings from small to jumbo (P.T. Barnum’s elephant Jumbo is the Tufts mascot). Some of the fundamentals he discussed included developing a baseline financial plan, harnessing the power of compounding, and learning about the potentially corrosive impact of hidden fees. Puritz advocated that over time, investors could prudently generate higher investment returns with lower risks.

Since 2014, Puritz has been a frequent instructor on investing literacy at numerous graduate schools, including Harvard Business School, dental organizations, universities, high schools, and investing organizations throughout the country.

For more information about Scott and Rebalance, please visit Scott’s bio and the Rebalance website.


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