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Serenity Shield adds Decentralized Private Messaging to StrongBox’s® Privacy Suite

News release by Serenity Shield

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Decentralized messaging turns StrongBox® into a comprehensive privacy hub for data storage and communication. With fully encrypted data that is never stored on centralized servers, Serenity Shield creates a service for web2 and web3 users alike.

 Serenity Shield, a multi-chain project delivering secure data storage and digital inheritance solutions, is releasing a brand-new StrongBox® dApp feature — a decentralized private messaging system.

This latest addition to Serenity Shield's suite of products is designed to eliminate central points of data vulnerability, protecting user data from security breaches and unauthorized access. StrongBox’s® new feature is a direct response to the data leaks widely reported on centralized messaging applications last year, such as when Line messaging app leaked over 300,000 personal data entries.

To provide fault-proof private messaging, Serenity Shield ensures that the end-to-end, military-level encryption within StrongBox® remains confidential at all times. At the same time, no data is ever stored on centralized servers.

"Messaging platforms are the bedrock of modern communication, yet many providers fail to give their users the security they deserve. Think about the last message you sent on your phone. It might have been a sentimental note to a loved one or, in other cases, sensitive information about your health or finances. You probably wouldn’t want it leaked. Truly private messaging should be a basic right,” said Venket Naga, the CEO of Serenity Shield. "With the integration of private messaging into our StrongBox® data storage service, Serenity Shield is embarking on an exciting new chapter. We expect this innovation to boost our user base, setting the stage for widespread mass adoption and sparking a new wave of investments. The importance and need for secure communication in personal and business environments cannot be overstated.”

Serenity Shield's StrongBox® dApp already allows for sensitive information, including medical records, real estate files, and private keys, to be kept in a secure environment. The arrival of a messaging platform transforms StrongBox® into a comprehensive privacy hub where data storage and private communications are brought together in one place, paving the way for mass adoption of decentralized security solutions.

By integrating a user-friendly interface, Serenity Shield makes privacy a universal experience — open to everyone, irrespective of their technical background. The newly announced messaging service will be available across various devices and operating systems, preventing prospective users from being shut out because of the brands or devices they use.

An official launch date of the messaging service and details of how users can try this powerful tool will be announced in due course.

About Serenity Shield

Serenity Shield is a multi-chain solution dedicated to privacy and security. It empowers individuals and businesses to interact securely and confidently in the digital world by leveraging the power of blockchain to safeguard and protect user data. Serenity Shield offers a unique and innovative way to store sensitive data and document inheritance, ensuring that legacies and digital assets live on for generations. The company’s leading product - the StrongBox® DApp - enables individuals to reclaim control over their data, identity, and digital assets while protecting their loved ones, families, and businesses.

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