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Sigma Lithium reveals success: profitable quarter, environmental leadership, and low-cost production

Sigma Lithium Corp
News release by Sigma Lithium Corp

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Sigma Lithium Corp's CEO, Ana Cabral-Gardner, shared exciting news in a recent interview with Thomas Warner from Proactive.

The company reported a 35% net profit margin in its first operational quarter, showcasing financial resilience in the lithium industry. Despite an 80% decrease in lithium prices, Sigma Lithium achieved a remarkable 37% earnings profit margin, emphasizing its low-cost operations and commitment to profitability.

Cabral-Gardner highlighted their unique product, "triple zero" lithium, with an all-in cost of $530 per ton, generating substantial free cash flow. The product's high purity and environmental sustainability, featuring zero carbon, zero tailings, and zero hazardous chemicals, position Sigma Lithium as a preferred supplier for the European battery market.

With a production capacity of 270,000 tonnes and additional low-grade byproducts, the company stands as a major player in the lithium concentrate sector.

Cabral-Gardner expressed pride in Sigma Lithium's triple success – low-cost production, environmental leadership, and profitability, making it a resilient force in the industry.


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