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Silver Bullet Mines announces high-grade silver results at Buckeye Mine leading to key decision

Silver Bullet Mines Corp.
News release by Silver Bullet Mines Corp.

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Silver Bullet Mines Vice President of Capital Markets Peter Clausi joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news regarding the impressive high-grade silver results that have been announced as part of the development of the new Zone 1 at the Buckeye Mine Project.

Clausi explained that recent blasting activities have substantially widened the vein to over 19 feet, with assays revealing up to 24.2 ounces of silver per ton. This development is particularly promising, suggesting that the company is nearing the location of historical drill holes from 1969, and management anticipates that silver grades will continue to improve with further blasting deeper into Zone 1.

Furthermore, the material obtained from these recent blasts is considered economically viable for processing. As a result, it is being prepared for transportation to the mill. Once the material is delivered, Silver Bullet Mines plans to restart milling operations.

This step is crucial as the company progresses with the Buckeye Mine Project, aiming to enhance silver production and advance the project's overall development.


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