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Silver Range Resources provides update on exploration activities and sells non-core asset

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Silver Range Resources CEO Mike Power joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce the sale of the South Weepah Property to Fortitude Gold. The transaction involved a sale price of $10,000 along with a 2% Net Smelter Return (NSR) covering the four property claims and a surrounding area of interest. Notably, the property, which was staked in November 2023, had not undergone any exploration work prior to the sale. Silver Range Resources views this collaboration with Fortitude Gold positively, given Fortitude's focus on mining high-grade gold projects in Nevada, mirroring many of those within Silver Range's portfolio.

Power also revealed that Silver Range Resources has resumed exploration activities in Nevada. Aligning with current market conditions, the company will prioritize generative work in the Southwest U.S., allocating resources to property exploration as deemed feasible.

In addition to these developments, Silver Range Resources announced the appointment of John Gilbert as Vice President. Gilbert brings a wealth of expertise to the role, holding a Bachelor's Degree with Honors in Geology from the University of Phoenix and a Master's Degree in Structural Geology from the University of Vermont. With extensive experience as an exploration geologist, Gilbert has been instrumental in various facets of the exploration business. Prior to joining Silver Range in 2022, he successfully managed a private prospect generator, overseeing the development and vending of exploration projects in New Brunswick.

In summary, Silver Range Resources continues to advance its exploration initiatives, leveraging strategic partnerships and a talented leadership team to drive value creation in the mining sector. With a renewed focus on generative work and a strengthened executive team, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities and deliver results for shareholders. Stay tuned for further updates as Silver Range Resources progresses with its exploration activities and strategic endeavors.


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