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Simon “Skygrass” Bowden- The Jamaican Hit Maker winning the ad world.

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If you ever wondered who’s behind that commercial you heard and can’t stop humming the tune, or that ad campaign so witty people stop to take photos for Instagram…it’s probably Kingston Jamaica born Simon Bowden. From Creative Directing wildly successful campaigns for the Olympics to chart worthy earworms he bestows upon major brands, Bowden is consistently related to massive brand awareness and growth. And, brands know it, making him the most in demand Creative Director and consultant in the Caribbean, now transitioning to major market accounts in the United States, Canada, and England.


With over 100 clients having spanned from Coca Cola, Scotiabank, Appleton Estate Rum, Domino’s Pizza, Nissan, Margaritaville, and Red Stripe, Bowden likes to work with brands who are pioneers. “I’ve worked with Red Stripe on so many campaigns and most people don’t know that Red Stripe sponsored and helped produce music videos before anyone else was doing it.” Bowden comments. “They’ve always been forward thinking, willing to be first, and true to their roots of Jamaica. Big ups to them and their whole amazing team.”

In a world of 3 second attention spans, Simon aka “Skygrass” Bowden knows that paying for marketing on tv, socials, or radio only has positive impact if the viewer or listener remembers it. …which is why he wins. He makes ads that people want to share, and jingles people enjoy singing. “You don’t have to chase viral when you make something people will naturally like.”

The impressions on his ads and jingles rival recording artists topping the Spotify charts which aligns when you take into account, he’s a recording artist and producer himself having worked with Beenie Man, Grammy winning Kabaka Pyramid, Mr Vegas and Bugle. Recently, Bowden collaborated with reggae legend Mykal Rose from Black Uhuru on the upcoming release “Sensimilla” which is already getting traction pre-release being added to reggae complications.

Bowdens' advice to brands in 2024: “Don’t ask for attention, give the people an experience. Don’t compete, just elevate and run your race. Keep running.”

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