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SixthRéseau Combines Luxury Fashion with Web3 Benefits for Holders

News release by 𝗦𝗶𝘅𝘁𝗵Réseau

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Claymont, Delaware | April 19, 2022 02:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time

With a rising demand for real-life utility in NFT collections, SixthRéseau tackles this challenge by combining real-world items with digital art. The fashion world is a well-established business that relies on innovation every season. SixthRéseau strives to be the pioneer in the emerging web3 market by employing a hybrid business model of releasing their collections in the Metaverse alongside the physical world. Only people that hold a SixthRéseau NFT will be eligible to access their luxury fashion brand and receive both their fashion and the advantages that come with holding one of their respective NFTs.

The NFT collection of SixthRéseau will provide highly exclusive content like the Réseau EliteClub, where entrepreneurs and like-minded people exchange alpha knowledge on projects they’re involved in. Another perk for investors is SixthVentures, the R&D branch of SixthRéseau that will recruit and support a variety of projects throughout web3 that holders can get involved in to be the first in line for upcoming ventures in the space. SixthVentures emphasizes engineering its network to develop a whole ecosystem around the brand that will be managed both by its community and founders. Holding an NFT of their collection comes with a set of perks and exclusive access to even more than the ones mentioned here.

The founding team of SixthRéseau will reinvest 25% of all profits back into the brand to provide a high quality of their fashion items that will be linked to the blockchain for proving authenticity on all levels. The team is made up of marketing experts, HR professionals, designers of both physical and digital spaces, and developers of all shades to be able to keep up with the big goals they’ve set to accomplish. The minting will be announced to take place at the end of April and the NFT collection will consist of 7,777 individual 3D avatars that will be available in a private sale for 0.16 ETH and in a public Dutch auction starting at 0.4 ETH.

Learn more about SixthRéseau by visiting their official website or following them on Twitter. Their Discord and other socials can be found here.


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