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Solana Price Prediction, SOL surpasses $50 Mark Where Next After?

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The FTX scandal brought the price of Solana down from highs of $260, all the way down to $10 at the start of the year. Those who followed the old advice of “buy when others are fearful”, are now sitting on a 6x profit. But where will it go from here? And since the rest of Warren Buffet’s adage is “sell when others are greedy”, is there another coin that is just beginning its ascent? Let’s find out.

Solana to $3200, or $10 - according to asset managers VanEck

In a recent prediction from VanEck, Solana could go as high as $3,200 in a bull market, by 2030, or as low as $10 in a bear market. The ‘base case’ as they dubbed it, would be $335. This leaves room for a pretty large margin of error, but it's all higher than the current price of Solana which is currently sitting at $62.75.

This optimism seems to be because the selling pressure from the FTX estate has not caused the dump that investors feared. And so many now see that the only way is up for Solana. Especially given the current crypto climate.

According to data from Defilama, Solana’s TVL has doubled in less than a month, currently sitting at around $2.169 billion.

 The News Crypto have a milder prediction for Solana in 2023, suggesting $88.51 in a bullish scenario and $25.45 if things turn bearish. And as for 2030? The bullish scenario is $150 whilst the bearish one is $80.

Quite a different prediction to VanEck to say the least!

What other options do traders have to make money?

Given the extreme variations in predictions from so-called experts, it might just pay to look for something that has a clearer trajectory.

A solid project in presale is one option since the price is guaranteed to rise as each presale stage concludes. Of course, there are always risks in crypto, especially where new projects are concerned, but then as we have seen, even well-established projects such as Solana, come with inherent risks. And there’s potentially less upside potential with Solana, due to the already large market capitalization.

With that in mind, there is hype building among traders in the know, about a new project called Meme Moguls. The project - which is a play-to-earn game and a decentralized memecoin exchange - was inspired by business moguls such as Warren Buffet and Elon Musk. But rather than telling people to merely follow their advice, the team are dedicated to making moguls out of ordinary traders. And they have a lofty goal - to make 100 millionaires within the first three months of launch.

Why Meme Moguls Could Be the Next 100x Token in 2023

The platform seeks to rally meme lovers together, using the spirit of competition and co-operation, to push people to perform better than ever in the memecoin world. Players and traders can win their and farm token MGLS and even mine NFTs of famous memes by providing liquidity.

This is all very exciting, but the key thing to note is that MGLS is in the first phase of presale right now, at $0.0019, and is predicted to launch at a 1,000% increase from today’s prices.

Additionally, the team are going to give $10,000 to a lucky MGLS holder each time the price goes up. So for those confused by Solana’s potential predictions, Meme Moguls might be the next big thing to jump on. And if you’re reading this, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Going up!

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