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SoldThrough enables US e-commerce retailers to rapidly expand their catalogs with top international brands SoldThrough's innovative end-to-end solution and robust physical, digital, and U.S. business infrastructure allow U.S. e-commerce retailers to expand their catalogs.

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In today's rapidly changing market, an e-commerce retailer's product selection and differentiation can determine whether it lives or dies. It is crucial for e-commerce retailers to be able to quickly adapt their offerings to changing consumer needs, but the process to get new brands from overseas onboard their platform takes a significant amount of time, investment, and expertise. This leaves many retailers vulnerable to being left behind by market trends and missing out on valuable sales.

Furthermore, with the economy moving towards recession, there is an air of uncertainty among retailers, who mostly avoid taking on the risk of holding stock on new or untested products. The marketplace and dropshipping models, which require that the brand deliver product to the end consumer, are becoming increasingly popular among retailers and an access point into the U.S. market for most brands.

SoldThrough has become a first mover in this space, addressing these issues with its innovative end-to-end solution that provides global brands with the execution required to help e-commerce retailers in the United States grow their catalogs by adding items from unique, relevant, and well-received international brands.

The company was co-founded in 2022 by Chief Executive Officer Dan Cate and Chief Revenue Officer Ana Barros. Both Cate and Barros are consummate retail industry professionals, having worked together for 10 years across multiple retail companies in various purchasing and digital transformation roles. Sensing the shift in the retail landscape, the two left their corporate jobs and set out to form SoldThrough, which seeks to further develop the e-commerce ecosystem and help retailers bring a wider selection of products to the public.

According to Cate, the co-founders' extensive experience working for major retailers has provided them valuable insight on what products can and will sell well in the U.S. market. SoldThrough and its team have established relationships with both retailers and brands. Their wide-ranging connections in the industry allow them to iron out the wrinkles that retailers and brands encounter in getting products ready for sale to consumers.

SoldThrough's model encompasses the entire e-commerce lifecycle, including three major components – physical infrastructure, digital infrastructure, and U.S. business infrastructure. SoldThrough will handle virtually everything in between production and the consumer's doorstep, allowing brands to focus on their core competencies and cut down the investment required to enter the market.

Barros says SoldThrough has created a turnkey solution for brands and retailers that goes beyond third-party logistics, allowing them to bring products to market with incredible speed. This enables retailers to begin selling new products at a fraction of the time and cost it would take had they handled the entire process by themselves.

“We're able to get products from different categories and brands live and on-site very quickly, because we've already mapped out the entire process, so retailers don't have to go through it, which may take a lot of time. This allows e-commerce retailers to quickly expand their product catalogs in anticipation of peak shopping seasons,” Barros says.

Cate adds that SoldThrough's solution has quickly resonated with both retailers and brands, and the company has achieved positive cashflow less than a year into its existence. The venture is also entirely self-funded to date, with $0 in external investment.

“We spent the first 6 months of our entrepreneurial journey investing in our logistics capabilities, systems and in relationships, and quickly realized the product market fit. Our first several pillar brands were $100 million global companies, based in the UK, and we’ve begun expanding into additional markets as well. We began selling on our first websites towards the very end of 2022, and continue to see incredible growth as our ecosystem of brands and retailers continues to expand.”

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