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SolidusX on finding the perfect balance between algorithms and human touch The multi-market trading platform is always on the lookout for fresh innovation and high-quality user experience

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In the last years, many trading platforms have appeared in the exchange market, these include the Forex, CFDs and lately Cryptocurrencies. Most of these platforms limit their offering to trading services where the user can compare assets and invest according to their experience or intuition. In this context emerged SolidusX, a multi-market trading platform (offering Cryptos, Forex and CFDs), that stepped up and tried to differentiate itself from the competition by offering cutting-edge technology combining SolidusX with a human touch.

Created by Solidus Capital Asset Management and powered by Devexperts, SolidusX is a strong combination of two consolidated companies in the financial markets with the aim to cover the trading and investment needs of novice and experienced investors, always introducing professional advice.

SolidusX is on the lookout for fresh innovation and high-quality user experience

 SolidusX trading techniques include advanced algorithmic analysis which defies statistics with stronger market insights and real-time data. In addition, its platform includes automated features, such as pending orders, stop loss and take profit, and it features tier 1 multi-layered liquidity that is trade-backed as well as using different exchange parameters so the traders always know what’s happening in real-time and where to get the best opportunities to handle risk management in cryptocurrency trading as well as in other market assets.

SolidusX’s UX is complemented by a proprietary algorithmic analysis tool, SOLIDIFYRE™, which analyzes over 140 technical indicators, performs backtesting, supports decision making and even reads the news (it's a big fan of Elon Musk's Tweets).

SolidusX customizable platform interface also comes equipped with a highly intuitive design that is fully controlled by the user, making it very easy for single traders and also brokers to trade directly with their extensive proprietary charting, drawing tools for technical analysis and multi-chart views that can be seamlessly synced with watchlists.

These customizations include advanced technical news and analysis, custom-built trading journals to document individual trade objectives, and tracking features via a specialized trading dashboard. The main objective again of the SolidusX platform is to help the trader get accurate common sense stocks trading, as well as in any other commodity, Forex or Cryptocurrencies.


- SolidusX provides its investors with full transparency, through human guidance and honest communication

- The multi-market trading platform aims for long-term relationships with its clients


How to become an expert in stocks and cryptocurrency trading?

The added value of SolidusX persists in combining advanced technology with experienced trader support to guide the users during the trading process, in order to expand diversification and reach maximum profitability throughout the best investment strategy for cryptocurrency, stocks and forex.

The intention of the SoldiusX platform is to make the new trader feel like they are part of a larger trading team, as they go through an individual custom-made financial assessment that analyzes and studies possibilities, prepares a brief introduction and grants access to various tools.

What might convince an investor to buy stocks, cryptocurrencies or trade any other asset?

SolidusX trading platform offers 24/7 support, especially when the markets are more volatile, and is always focused on how the user would like to invest their money and get financial prosperity. Each trader will have the corresponding guidance that they need, it doesn't matter the level of experience they have in trading and investing activities.

Thanks to this trading guide, the user will have more confidence when investing, as they have a team of professionals who support them. SolidusX professionals can help the user identify which are the do's and don'ts of investing in the stocks market, or any other market.

The service-oriented platform rounds up its offering with a top-notch readiness Customer service team the user can access through multiple channels, and get an assessment on technical compliances, accounting complications or trading inquiries.

SolidusX aims for long term relations

Finally, it is not a platform where the user trades alone. For SolidusX it is important that the user feels supported in all the decisions they make, as well as in the future planning of their investments and commercial actions. SolidusX wants the user to be able to gather all the information about the cryptocurrency, stock or commodities markets within the same platform environment where they invest so that their self-confidence increases at the same time that they maintain a long-term relationship with the platform.

After all, SolidusX's main goal is to promote people's financial well-being, so the platform’s efforts centre on helping its users to achieve successful investments in any given market.


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