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Sovereign Metals steps up operations with new CTO and industrial equipment

Sovereign Metals Ltd
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Sovereign Metals Limited managing director Frank Eagar joins Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with details of key developments.

The company has appointed Dr Surinder Ghag as chief technology officer for graphite, marking a strategic move to enhance its operations in graphite production, particularly for the lithium-ion battery industry. Garg, noted for his expertise in anode materials for batteries, is expected to play a critical role in developing Sovereign Metals’ downstream test work programs.

Sovereign Metals also announced the procurement of an industrial-scale spiral concentrator, which will be used to increase graphite concentrate sample preparation at their Malawi facility. This equipment is intended to replicate the plant's future operations and is currently being commissioned in Cape Town before being shipped to Malawi. This setup will enable Sovereign Metals to produce larger bulk samples of graphite concentrate, crucial for qualifying the material for high-end applications like battery manufacturing.

Eagar highlighted that graphite will account for 50% of the company's revenue streams, underscoring its importance to their business model. Looking ahead, Sovereign Metals is planning a trial mine and trial rehabilitation program in collaboration with strategic investor Rio Tinto, aiming to generate the necessary materials for the new spiral concentrator plant.


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