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Spiceology and Chef Alvin Cailan are Officially Declaring it “Flavor SZN” with New Line Of Spice Blends Fast-Growing Spice Company and Burger Connoisseur are Leveling Up the Classics and Comfort Foods

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 Spiceology, a chef-owned, chef-operated company and the fastest growing spice company in America, today announced a collaboration and new line of seasonings with Chef Alvin Cailan, host of The Burger Show, owner of Amboy Quality Meats and Delicious Burgers, author of Amboy: Recipes from The Filipino-American Dream, creator of Eggslut and now the force behind Umami Burger. The new collection, coined “Flavor SZN”, includes four ultra-versatile blends that bring Cailan’s sense for great comfort food to life.

“Burgers are synonymous with Alvin, so working together on a burger-inspired line to level up the classics was a no brainer,” said Tony Reed, Senior Director of Innovation and Partnerships at Spiceology. “It was important for both of us to keep these blends simple with recognizable ingredients that work well with all of your favorite foods. With just a few shakes or teaspoons of these blends, your menu favorites can become inspired, at-home staples.”

Flavor SZN is minimalistic and nostalgic, with blends that emulate and elevate the simple everyday menu items like burgers, fries and chicken. But despite being minimalist, the blends are complex and all-purpose, intended to level up whatever you shake them on.

“A good burger starts with good flavor,” said Chef Alvin Cailan who has traveled the country tasting burgers at the most classic burger spots. “But good flavor is an art. It was critical for me to create blends with Spiceology that bring everyone that good flavor, easily. The blends elevate everyday comfort food, and so we mean it when we say it’s Flavor SZN.”

Combining Cailan’s Filipino roots and upbringing in California, his idea of flavor falls somewhere in between the two and beyond:

  • Burger SZN ($14.95) - Start any burger (or really anything) with this solid foundation of salt, pepper and garlic and Cailan’s personal level up touch of ground Mexican oregano. This super savory blend brings dishes to life, including burgers, cauliflower steak, potatoes, pasta, rice dishes and hearty vegetables.

  • Fries SZN ($14.95) - This blend brings side-dishes to the center of the plate. With salt, pepper, garlic, cayenne and a touch of sugar at its core, this blend has sweet and savory scents and leveled up flavor from celery salt. Besides fries, this blend elevates shrimp, edamame, sweet potatoes and nuts.

  • Chicken SZN ($14.95) - Inspired by the flavors of Filipino street chicken, this blend is pungent in the best way possible. The slightly nutty, sweet and peppery taste of this blend comes from Annatto seed, an ingredient often in Filipino cooking. Try it on chicken, noodle soups, bok choy, pork and in dressings.

  • Everything SZN ($14.95) - Paying homage to Cailan’s Filipino roots, this seaweed and mushroom-based all-purpose blend hits all 5 core tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami). Try it on burgers, mushrooms, soups, noodles and fish.


The blends are available in 9 oz. jars and as a 4-pack giftable or sample pack. For more information on the partnership and the blends, visit Spiceology.com/collaborations/alvin-cailan.




Founded in 2013, Spiceology is the fastest-growing privately owned spice company in America, who set out on a mission from day one to eliminate dull flavor. The chef-owned and operated, one-stop spice shop offers innovative signature blends and over 300 fresh small-batch ground spices, herbs, chiles, salts, confections, fruit and vegetable powders, and modernist cooking ingredients. By bringing both staple and unique flavor to leading restaurants and directly to your home kitchen, Spiceology aims to change how its community adds flavor to their food, for good. The brand is sold direct to consumers and chefs across the U.S. and Canada, with customers as far-reaching as Australia and Dubai. For more information or to place an order, visit www.spiceology.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. For recipe inspiration, visit here.




Chef Alvin Cailan's career spans a multitude of successes. He has risen to become arguably the most high-profile chefs in America's Filipino food movement. He began his career expanding his craft in the kitchens of Michelin starred chefs Matt Lightner and David Lefebre. Following, Cailan garnered national acclaim for the Eggslut food concept which has successfully expanded to national and international locations. In the beginning of 2020, Chef Cailan opened Amboy Quality Meats & Delicious Burgers, the in-demand Los Angeles burger shop that quickly amassed a loyal customer following and in 2021 he became the name and face of international burger chain Umami Burger. Throughout his career, Cailan has focused on quality and taste to ensure the best experience for his customers. His flare for making great comfort food led to his role as host of The Burger Show which airs on YouTube and Hulu reaching a dedicated audience of food and burger lovers around the world. Alvin can be found on Instagram and at alvincailan.com.


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