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Spiceology Introduces Newest Signature Blend, Blackberry Balsamic, Just In Time For The Holiday Season America's Fastest-Growing Spice Company Adds Its Latest Innovation To Portfolio of Signature Blends

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 Spiceology, a leading spice and flavor company, just announced the latest addition to its portfolio of innovative signature blends, Blackberry Balsamic. The new blend combines the tang of balsamic vinegar and tart sweetness of blackberries with rich garlic and onion, resulting in a complex and versatile blend.

Spiceology’s wide range of never-before-tasted signature blends are at the core of the company’s innovation, providing versatile, easy-to-use blends that instantly elevate dishes. From Raspberry Chipotle being used for both brownies and meat, to Smoky Honey Habanero able to be used in everything from cocktails and veggies to proteins and desserts, Blackberry Balsamic joins the collection of ultra adaptable signature blends. Recent 2021 additions to Spiceology’s line of signature blends include Rosemary Dijon and Hibiscus Habanero, further providing endless ways to Experiment with Flavor.

“Each signature blend we create is unique, and Blackberry Balsamic was specifically developed to go beyond the traditional uses of balsamic vinegar,” said Tony Reed, Senior Director of Innovation and Partnerships. “Balsamic vinegar has become a staple in both professional and home kitchens; we wanted to create something that captured the rich flavor of a balsamic glaze, but since we’re Spiceology, we couldn’t just stop there. We paired balsamic flavor with blackberry sweetness - it’s a fantastic blend to experiment with this holiday season. ”


Blackberry Balsamic compliments proteins like beef, lamb, pork, salmon, game, and chicken, but can also be used for vegetables, in salad dressings, sauces, ice cream, compound butters, Caprese salads, and sprinkled on popcorn for a seasonal flare. The blend also layers well with one of Spiceology’s best-selling fan-favorites, Greek Freak, a Mediterranean seasoning blend.

To highlight the new and unique flavor profile, Spiceology partnered with Beef + Lamb New Zealand and Silver Fern Farms, purveyors of New Zealand 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, on recipes that showcase the pairing between Blackberry Balsamic and these premium grass-fed proteins.

For more information on Blackberry Balsamic, including the Silver Fern Farm beef and lamb recipes, visit Spiceology.com/blackberry-balsamic.




Founded in 2013, Spiceology is the fastest-growing spice company in America and is on a mission to bring the magic back to spices, the world’s first currency. The chef-owned and operated, one-stop spice shop develops innovative blends and offers over 400 ingredients that are ground fresh in small-batches and shipped fresh to consumers and chefs. Spiceology’s “experiment with flavor” ethos is not only embraced through excellent ingredients and unique combinations, but also through responsible business practices designed to create a better world with diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of the workforce. Spiceology products can be found on spiceology.com, in specialty retailers and grocers, in restaurants around the US, and as far away as Australia and Dubai. Visit spiceology.com for more information or to place an order, or follow Spiceology on Facebook and Instagram. For recipe inspiration, visit here.




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