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Spiritory aiming to become "the player" in whiskey and wine investing

News release by Spiritory

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Spiritory founder Janis Wilczura speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London about his pioneering live trading platform for rare spirits and wines. Wilczura explains that Spiritory operates in the same way as a stock market, with users buying and selling bottles instead of stocks. The platform allows buyers to set their own prices and allows sellers to present offers, with transactions executed when prices align.

He explains the genesis of the business, which he traces back to 2015 when he bought his first bottle of Japanese whiskey as an investment bottle, a move that eventually led to the creation of Spiritory after he faced challenges in selling investment bottles through traditional auction platforms. Unlike the major online auction sites, Spiritory offers enhanced security and authentication for each traded bottle, addressing issues of fraud and counterfeit products.

The platform also provides thousands of key metrics to assist users in their buying and selling decisions. Launched initially in Germany, Spiritory gained immense traction without formal marketing, driven by word-of-mouth and supported by investors. This success has led to a comprehensive website update and a new app, further simplifying the buying and selling process.

Looking ahead, Wilczura envisions Spiritory becoming synonymous with whiskey and wine investment and collecting. He says the goal is to become the first thought for anyone considering investing in or collecting spirits and wines.


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