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SSV Capital NED reveals high hopes ahead of SmartPay soft launch

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SSV Capital Non-Executive Director David Lewis visits the Proactive London studio to speak with Thomas Warner about the emerging company's core mission and pillars. SSV Capital is a portfolio company with an underlying ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) focus that emphasises the intertwined importance of people, planet, and prosperity.

The firm operates on three main pillars: a FinTech initiative named SmartPay, a commercial property division focusing on eco-friendly solutions, and a fund exclusively centred on ESG investments. Lewis, who brings experience in digital transformation, highlights the company's commitment to investing in organisations with similar ESG goals.

He expresses excitement about SmartPay's upcoming soft launch, which utilizes QR codes and open banking standards to reduce costs and environmental impact. Lewis explains that his decision to join SSV Capital was influenced by the company's dedication to addressing climatic challenges and its talented executive team. He says "As a planet we're in an existential crisis, and in that context it is obligatory for those of us who... understand the crisis to engage with it."


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