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Startup Looks to Disrupt the Supplement Industry's Dirtiest Secret Its Sugar Addiction With the World's 1st Multivitamin + Hydration Powder, Infused as One

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With the leading gummy and hydration supplements containing over 60% sugar, LA-based startup Root’d is looking to disrupt a $55 Billion industry addicted to sugar and announce a new Whole Foods Market partnership.

Root’d, the world's first full-spectrum multivitamin powder infused with sugar-free electrolytes, has announced a new national distribution partnership with Whole Foods Markets, with distribution across over 400 of their stores. Root’d was born to address the supplement industry's addiction to sugar, effectively delivering a long-overdue 3rd option to supplement users' pill, gummy, and sugar-dominated routines. Root’d is available now at Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets,, and MOM’s Organic Markets.

According to Root’d, the supplement industry has a dirty little secret it doesn’t want you to know. It’s addicted to sugar. Not just a little sugar either, insane amounts of sugar! The leading gummy multivitamins and hydration powders are over 60% pure sugar, one of the world's most unhealthy ingredients, yet most consumers have no idea. Root’d aims to get sugar out and bring health back.

Root’d was brought to life by supplement insiders, who obsessed over different iterations and options for two years until Root’d was finally born. They found that when you combine the nutrition of a full-spectrum multivitamin with the hydration power of electrolytes and then add organic superfoods and probiotics, our body's natural flow absorbs the nutrients as one to give a hydrating nutrition BOOST to our day, all without the sugar.

According to Nutrition Business Journal, the supplement market represents $55.7 Billion in the US alone, growing at over 14%. With an estimated 70% of North American consumers actively trying to reduce sugar in their diets, and, according to a recent 10-year study conducted by the FDA, a further 20% of consumers having difficulty swallowing pills, a sugar-free powder option was long-overdue.

“People trust our industry to help them get healthier, and with all this sugar, we’re failing. Our mission at Root’d is to bring health back and get sugar out!” said, Adams Chimera, Founder of Root’d. “We spent over 2 years crafting the perfect MULTI, and we’re so excited to partner with Whole Foods to give expanded access to a sugar-free powder option to more of the US.”

“I am thrilled with how much more energy I have while taking my Root'd daily. It has helped in so many ways.” Said Tara Folks of Indianapolis, IN. “I can honestly feel a difference if I skip more than one day of the vitamin pack. I highly recommend this as an alternative to swallowing 20 or more pills a day to get all of these wonderful, helpful vitamins.”

Root’d starts at as little as $30 for a 24 pack, with formulations crafted for the unique needs of Her, Him, and prenatal Mom’s to be. To learn more about Rootd, visit, or head to your local Whole Foods or Sprouts Farmers Market.

Essential Nutrition + Hydration made easy. Pour, stir, love
Essential Nutrition + Hydration made easy. Pour, stir, love


Root’d - Now available nationally at any Whole Foods Market
Root’d - Now available nationally at any Whole Foods Market

About Root’d

As founder Adams Chimera entered his 30’s injuries started to take over his life, putting him on a health journey to eliminate the bad from his diet, most notably sugar. As an existing leader in the supplement space, he was frustrated by the crazy amount of sugar the industry used, with the top gummy and hydration supplements containing over 60% sugar. It had to change. Root’d was born by an obsession to bring health back to supplements and is the world’s first full-spectrum multivitamin infused with a hydration powder, all in one amazing sugar-free drink mix. Root’d gives supplement users a long-overdue third option to their pill, gummy, and sugar-dominated routines, and stays Root’d to their mission to help people and our planet get healthier with sugar-free, sustainable supplements. The Root’d vision is to disrupt this $55 billion industry addicted to sugar by bringing health back, and getting sugar out, one healthy drink mix at a time. To learn more, visit


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