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Startup NDVR Disrupts Wealth Management with First-of-Its-Kind Wealth Optimization Solution for High Net Worth Families

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 NDVR (pronounced “endeavor”), a wealth optimization startup that creates sophisticated portfolios using advanced technologies and institutional-grade investment strategies, launched today in Boston. Founded by serial entrepreneur and technology veteran Michael Simon, the company enables robust planning and custom portfolio construction via a sleek app that delivers a digital-first wealth management experience for high net worth families.


NDVR uses the power of thousands of servers to build tailored portfolios based on each client’s investment preferences and specified requirements, including their liquidity plan, tax profile and socially responsible investing choices, all at a remarkable price. Leveraging the NDVR Portfolio LabTM and sophisticated strategies designed by its Research and Portfolio Management team, NDVR clients can see the impacts different plans and assets could have on their financial futures across the risk spectrum and test scenarios together with one of NDVR’s financial advisors.

“We created NDVR with the audacious goal of fixing the huge wealth management industry by inventing new technology and delivering it with a disruptive business model,” said Michael Simon, founder and chief executive officer. “To us, that means better information and tools for investors, access to more sophisticated investment strategies, a commitment to extraordinary service and advice, and remarkable pricing. We are excited to bring these new capabilities to the market.”

The company has already raised $25 million USD through a Series A round led by Polaris Partners and earlier seed investments. “Like all industries, wealth management is undergoing a massive shift in consumer preference to digital,” said Dave Barrett, managing partner of Polaris Partners. “As wealth is transferred to younger generations and high net worth investors show increased comfort in actions like purchasing direct stocks, Michael and his team at NDVR are ideally positioned to deliver digital-first wealth optimization solutions built to empower the ascending generation of investors. We’ve been pleased to support NDVR’s exciting progress in this journey.”

While many robo-advisors and traditional wealth management solutions use standardized investor questionnaires to collect client information and model portfolio strategies that are limited to simple ETFs, traditional funds, equities, and bonds, NDVR allows clients to define their own inputs to the portfolio design process. The NDVR Optimization EngineTM then accounts for various factors such as inflation, cash flow needs, and the taxes where the client plans to reside, to create a unique portfolio that reflects those inputs. Additionally, NDVR clients have access to investments such as futures and options, which extend their portfolio design capabilities.

The company’s advisor compensation model further differentiates it from its competitors and underscores NDVR’s commitment to its clients. NDVR’s advisors are not paid based on how they sell products, grow assets under management, or develop new business, which frees the advisors from those conflicts and allows them to act as fiduciaries and provide guidance without the financial pressures of traditional wealth management firms.

“Sophisticated analysis and portfolios have benefited institutional investors for decades,” commented Roni Israelov, NDVR’s president and chief investment officer. “We now have the technology and computing power to personalize these strategies for our clients to give them what we believe is a better chance at better outcomes with lower taxes and substantial fee savings.”



About NDVR, Inc.

NDVR is on a mission to fix the wealth management industry with superior technology and better business models. The startup, founded by serial technology entrepreneur Michael Simon, provides a delightful, digital-first experience where high net worth families can leverage institutional-grade investment strategies, powerful algorithms, and thousands of servers to build tailored portfolios based on their specific investment preferences and precise requirements. The goal – to deliver enhanced growth after taxes, after fees, and after the client’s liquidity needs have been met, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional wealth management firms. For more information, please visit


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