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Steppe Gold announces third quarter financials as company accelerates Phase 2 expansion

Steppe Gold Limited
News release by Steppe Gold Limited

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Steppe Gold chief financial officer Jeremy South joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share the company's financial results and ongoing initiatives.

The company continues to perform well, with revenue amounting to $15,765 for the quarter, driven by the sale of 7,920 gold ounces and 23,845 silver ounces.

Over the course of the three and nine month-periods, 261,696 and 481,559 tonnes of ore were mined, while 247,046 and 705,400 tonnes of ore were stacked on the leach pad, respectively. These ore samples boasted an average gold grade of 0.72 g/t and 0.86 g/t, as well as an average silver grade of 6.03 g/t and 5.17 g/t, respectively.

South emphasized that Steppe Gold remains highly focused on its engineering, procurement, and construction arrangements for the Phase 2 Expansion. The construction and installation of the new fixed crushing unit are expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2023.

The company has also finalized the camp design and initiated the design phase for major capital expenditure work.

In addition to its ongoing expansion efforts, Steppe Gold is actively exploring partnership opportunities to advance its two earlier-stage projects.

The company continues to assess its exploration efforts, aligning its strategic objectives to drive growth and capitalize on opportunities in the mining sector.



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