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Streaming Habits and Trends in the UK 2022/2023

News release by Intelligiants

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  • How many services and how much are consumers willing to pay?
  • Streaming trends on social media and interaction
  • What users expect to see more of in the future

1500 UK citizens between the ages of 18 to 54 took part in a survey conducted by PartyCasino on 8 December 2022.

The competition for national on-demand TV providers and Netflix has surged in the last 24 months and there are constantly new alternatives and options surfacing on the market.

What effect will the abundance have, and how many monthly subscriptions will the UK audience pay for?

The results show that 66% of the participants were signed up for 2-3 services (2 services - 38.13%, 3 services - 27.93%), while 9% have 4 subscriptions and only 5% a total of 5 different services.

The majority (65%) responded that they have not cancelled any subscriptions in the last 12 months, while 24% have cancelled 1 service and 7% have cancelled 2 subscriptions. Will these numbers change in the next year with customers jumping from various networks and providers, due to what shows and movies are being offered?

74% also responded that the price is a major factor when signing up for a new service. This means that the big draw of what shows are offered might not be the only factor and we could potentially see a price war between the different service providers in the years to come. The survey also reveals how much the participants currently spend on various subscriptions, with some paying up to £200 per month.

A few of the questions also targeted some of the biggest TV series that was aired during the year, where a total of 38% answered that they watched the entire season of Stranger Things, released in May 2022. Can you guess what the second most popular show was? See the result for TV series here.

For the online based entertainment industry, it is also important to understand what trends can be expected and the survey gives insights into what other streaming habits are trending now, such as live streams on social media, and live gaming events on Twitch and YouTube. The results also indicate that audiences are open to in-app promotions and offers and that recommendations and interaction from other users could be out of interest.

The full 15-question survey can be found in its entirety in a blog post by PartyCasino, posted here.


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