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Summer Camp & Your Child’s Mental Health Media Tour Conducted Discussing How SeriousFun Camps are More than Just Fun, They’re Improving Lives and Futures

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Media Tour Conducted Discussing How SeriousFun Camps are More than Just Fun, They’re Improving Lives and Futures

Physical and mental health go hand in hand. This is as true for youth as it is for adults.

And with summer camp season approaching, we once again ponder the impactful role that a camp experience plays in the lives of many children—an experience that often creates lifelong meaningful relationships and positively impacts mental wellness.

Children born and living with serious illnesses can experience unimaginable stress. It is for this reason that the positive benefits of the camp are at the heart of SeriousFun Children’s Network, founded by Paul Newman.

Thirty-five years ago, Paul Newman founded a camp where kids living with serious and life-limiting medical conditions could break away from the everyday challenges of their illness to discover new possibilities, and more about themselves.

Today, Serious Fun Children’s Network, the leading network of medical specialty camps in the world, includes 30 camps and programs which have delivered more than 1.7 million life-changing camp experiences to kids living with a wide variety of serious medical conditions and their families, totally free of charge.

A nationwide media tour was conducted on May 9th featuring Dr. Laura Blaisdell, Medical Advisor for SeriousFun Children’s Network.

Topics that Dr. Laura Blaisdell discussed included:

· The importance of prioritizing mental health for children at camp alongside physical and social health.

· How camp can foster Positive Childhood Experiences and how the SeriousFun camp experience is different from other camp programs

· Why providing positive childhood experiences is especially important for those children who face medical trauma.

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