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Sutro Connect and Sani Marc Group Announce Strategic Partnership The Partnership will support Sutro’s North American Roll Out

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Sutro Connect, a leader in smart water monitoring technology, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Sani Marc Group, the experts in sanitation solutions. The strategic partnership will support Sutro’s North American rollout, first in the US, and then in Canada. This partnership is the critical next step in Sutro Connect’s rollout of their Smart Water Ecosystem which includes: Smart Pool Monitor, Spin Dock-tor, and Treatment Recommendation Engine (TRE).

“The Sani Marc Group is a leader in water treatment products,” said Ravi Kurani, CEO of Sutro. “To have them as a strategic partner is an honor. Their support over the last year has made it possible for us to launch the Smart Monitor, build our Smart Water Ecosystem, and now widely rollout our award-winning products to eager customers and partners.”

Smart Water Ecosystem

The biggest challenge in enjoying your pool (or spa) is to make sure that the water is safe and clean. It can be a complex process to ensure that everything is taken care of. With the Sutro’s Smart Water Ecosystem, pool owners, retailers, and pool professionals can all have access to water testing data. This allows everyone to solve water issues before they get out of hand and become expensive.

“We are excited to partner with Sutro Connect,” said Pierre Goudreault, CEO of Sani Marc Group. “Clean water is essential to enjoying life and we are committed to making safe and clean water a reality for everyone. Technologies like Sutro’s Smart Water Monitor are the types of projects we love and are looking forward to helping Sutro roll out their products in North American and beyond.”

Beyond Just Pools

Water is a precious resource that is becoming harder and harder to keep safe and clean. The Sutro Smart Water Ecosystem is the first step in managing this precious resource. Pools and spas are the perfect microcosms in which to build a comprehensive database about water. With this knowledge, the best practices of pool water management can be applied to the rest of the world’s water -- thus making it safe.

About Sutro

At Sutro, we want to radically shift the way that humans consume, treat, and analyze water through sensors, data, and applications which allow us to sustainably ensure the safety of water for generations to come. Our Smart Water Ecosystem for pools (and spas) is the first step to realizing our vision of a world with safe water for everyone.

About Sani Marc Group

In addition to manufacturing cleaning products, distributing equipment and accessories, the Sani Marc Group supports you in optimizing your cleaning and sanitation operations in these markets: food & beverage, commercial, institutional, industrial, pool, and spa.

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