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Tech CEO gives away free career coaching New career development course helps professionals at every level break through the common barriers that hold them back

Victor Cho
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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon San Francisco, CA | July 19, 2022 08:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Victor Cho, a two-time internet CEO (and most recently the CEO at has released a powerful Career Acceleration Course that he is making available 100% free of charge at This self-paced video course is filled with his top ten secrets for building a faster career trajectory and overcoming the obstacles, mindsets, and behaviors that prevent career growth.

“I have always had a deep passion for bringing my teams to the next level in terms of how they operate, collaborate, and lead. The ten lessons I have put into this course are all must-have skills that every employee should master—from the front line to the C-Suite,” says Cho. “Anyone who masters even just one of these lessons will get some career lift, and anyone who masters them all will find themselves on a rocket-ship trajectory.”

The ten lessons of the program delve into three critical career areas: 1) how to build your core capabilities; 2) how to deliver real impact; and 3) how to add positive energy into your organization. The specific lessons include:


  • Attacking your job from the CEO's vantage point
  • Building skills before you actually need them
  • Proactive self-reviews and critiques



  • Mastering self-driven urgency
  • Framing for impact and clarity, and then delivering it
  • Mastering divergent thinking



  • Mastering inquiry vs. advocacy
  • Driving change across multiple stakeholders
  • Up, across, and down communication
  • Building your extended network


Courses like this typically run from hundreds to even thousands of dollars, but Cho is making this course available completely free. Those who partake in the course will simply be asked to donate (if they have the means) to one of several charities that he has identified that help underprivileged children in need, both in the U.S. and the Ukraine.

“I have always wanted to put my coaching lessons into a more scalable form in order to help those who didn’t work in the companies I managed,” say Cho. “I really hope those who take and apply these lessons will find value in this coaching gift, and in exchange, will help those in need elsewhere in the world.”

The course is available starting today at and any inquiries can be sent to
 is the official web presence for Victor Cho. A passionate consumer advocate, Cho was most recently the CEO at Evite where he helped lead the company back from the brink of COVID19 extinction and returned it to growth and financial health via a successful corporate extraction. Before that Cho was the CEO during a multi-year turnaround effort at Kodak Gallery (formerly and he served as the Vice President and leader of Intuit’s $1billion+ web channel. He also spent seven years at Microsoft, where he launched some of the company's earliest Internet commerce and SaaS initiatives. Cho has received numerous awards for his work, including being named the Internet Person of the Year by the Internet Marketing Association and receiving an Italian Knighthood from the Royal House of Savoy for his philanthropic efforts--which have raised nearly $30M for charities and non-profits.




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