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Teslake: Revolutionizing Spine Surgery with a Team of Robots and Guardinium™ Alloy One Investment, Two Opportunities, Billions in Potential

News release by Teslake

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 Teslake, a medical device manufacturer that has obtained 8 FDA approvals, is announcing the start of its Reg CF Series A capital raise.

First, they are developing a team of “mini robots” that are in constant communication with each other to manipulate the spine with sub-millimeter accuracy as the surgeon directs. Second, they have developed Guardinium™, a proprietary alloy that is similar in strength to stainless steel, and kills microbes on contact.

These flagship technologies are exciting because they are not only applicable in spine surgery, but across a broad range of surgical specialties”, says Stephen Foti, Teslake’s Co-Founder and CEO.

A Robot Team to Assist Surgeons

Teslake Founders Lukas Eisermann and Stephen Foti are developing a team of mini robots designed to assist surgeons during spinal surgeries. These compact robots function as precision “helpers”, working alongside surgeons to gently align the spine to its natural position. The goal of this robot team is more accurate and safer surgery.

Killing Microbes with Guardinium™

The company’s second game-changing contribution to the medical field comes in the form of its proprietary Guardinium™ Alloy. This special biocompatible metal alloy has been specifically engineered to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact.

This alloy could obsolete the majority, if not all, of the stainless steel used in surgical instruments and operating rooms today”, according to biomedical engineer and Teslake Co-Founder, Lukas Eisermann.

A Team of Visionary Founders

Lukas Eisermann and Stephen Foti have over five decades of combined experience in the spine surgery industry. The duo together recognized the pressing need for safer, more efficient surgical solutions. Their collaboration has yielded numerous FDA-approved products, with thousands of implants already benefiting patients.

This team is joined by a clinical advisory board comprised of renowned surgeons associated with major institutions. They have played a pivotal role in Teslake's journey, and in bringing the company’s innovations to life.

The Teslake Investment Opportunity

Teslake is currently offering an investment opportunity that allows individuals to be a part of their journey. With a track record of revenue growth and groundbreaking innovations, this is an opportunity to contribute to advancements that can reshape the medical landscape, potentially improving patient outcomes and safety.

For more information about Teslake and their investment opportunity, visit invest.teslake.com. Read the Offering information, which contains details of the issuer’s business, risks, charges, expenses, and other information.





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