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The 11 Best Cryptos To Buy Now for Massive 2023 Gains

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The cryptocurrency market is rapidly evolving, with the second half of 2023 showing excellent investment potential. Investors are looking for cryptocurrencies embedding solid fundamentals, new technology, and the potential to grow and produce substantial gains. They are trying to figure out which is the best crypto to buy. The following cryptocurrencies show significant promise due to their specific use cases, community support, and technological advancements.

Navigating the crypto markets: The best cryptos for 2023

The cryptocurrency market is in constant development, implying that careful selection is crucial for locking promising investments. Several factors, such as the technology behind it, the team, its practical uses, and general market attitudes, are to be considered when evaluating a cryptocurrency’s potential for success.

Investors should focus on cryptocurrencies with a well-defined purpose and solid technology. Additionally, investors need to keep an eye on regulatory changes and understand their impact on different cryptocurrencies to gain valuable insight into possible market trends.

Within this innovative market, some cryptocurrencies have distinguished themselves as strong candidates amongst the best cryptos to buy now. A selection of eleven cryptocurrencies that, according to experts, show great promise for significant gains in 2023 is listed below.

  1. Chancer (CHANCER)

  2. Shiba Memu (SHIBA MEMU)

  3. AltSignals (ASI)

  4. Metacade (MCADE)

  5. Solana (SOL)

  6. Polygon (MATIC)

  7. Avalanche (AVAX)

  8. Polkadot (DOT)

  9. Monero (XMR)

  10. Filecoin (FIL)

  11. Hedera (HBAR)

1. Chancer (CHANCER) — Best investment for the gambling industry

What is Chancer?

 Chancer is an exciting new crypto project that brings a twist to betting through a peer-to-peer betting (P2P) platform. Instead of using an intermediary or a bookmaker, Chancer allows users to bet directly against each other, meaning they can place bets with friends or people from around the world.

A key feature of Chancer is its decentralization, which implies that users can enter the platform immediately and place a bet. The coins for this platform are CHANCER tokens, which users will utilize for putting and settling bets. Buying coins with utility is becoming more important these days, so tokens with a very high level of utility, like CHANCER, should give a better return on investment than those with little or no use case.

Chancer potentially stands out as one of the best cryptos to buy now because it offers a P2P model and sticks to the essential foundations of crypto — decentralization, no middlemen, and transparent dealings. Chancer is shaking things up by giving users more control over their bettings, which could revolutionize the betting industry, already worth $60 billion.

Chancer is more than a new platform; it is leading the way for future changes in the betting industry by demonstrating how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can make a difference and disrupt an established model.

What are the reasons to invest in Chancer?

There are several reasons to invest in Chancer. First, its P2P betting is a new idea in the massive online gambling world — this fresh approach might help Chancer carve out its place in the market.

The CHANCER token is currently selling for $0.01 during phase 1 of its presale, making it attractive for investors to get involved. Also, since the token is essential in using the Chancer platform, it is expected to be in high demand. The Chancer presale has already raised an impressive $477k, highlighting investor interest.

Chancer also aligns well with the principles of decentralization, meaning that it’s likely to attract a large audience from the Web3 community. There is no well-defined platform similar to

Chancer in the Web3 space right now, so it has plenty of room to grow.

What are the risks of investing in Chancer?

Like with any investment, placing money into Chancer comes with risks, but because of its unique P2P betting and positive feedback from the Web3 community, the current risk seems minimal.

Still, it's always wise for investors to pay attention to details and think carefully before investing in any project, including Chancer.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy CHANCER here <<<

2. Shiba Memu (SHEMU) — Best for next-generation meme projects

What is Shiba Memu?

 Shiba Memu is a new player in the meme coin world. However, unlike most meme coins, Shiba Memu has something special — it combines artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain, making it unique and more adaptable than the average meme coin.

Shiba Memu utilizes self-learning AI which discovers numerous ways to market itself, creates content, gathers feedback from people in online communities, and stays active on social media. In doing so, it becomes smarter and adjusts strategies over time.

Meme coins are already big, with the market worth over $14 billion, and Shiba Memu expects to enlarge this market as its price appreciates.

What are the reasons to invest in Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu(SHMU) is not just another meme coin as was described above — it’s unique because of its AI brain and focus on building a community during its presale. This AI makes it quick to catch on to trends, turning it into an exciting investment.

Shiba Memu will keep things clear and open, having a dashboard where transparency is key, allowing users to see the latest updates and engage with the AI.

The uniqueness of this token, which is more than just a meme coin yet has the usual playful attributes of its genre— leads many to consider it the best crypto to buy now.

If that isn’t enough, Shiba Memu has planned to increase the price of its token by 1-2% daily during its presale. That means that anyone who buys in on day one will see the value of their investment increase by a massive 119.33%!

What are the risks of investing in Shiba Memu?

Investing always comes with risks, especially in the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency. If you’re considering investing in Shiba Memu, it’s essential to do your homework and know that the market can change quickly.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy SHMU here <<<

3. AltSignals (ASI) — Best for the future of trading signals

What is AltSignals?

 AltSignals has already made a name for itself with AltAlgo™, a tool already proven to be a game changer in the trading signals space. The company has issued over 1,500 signals using its patented AltAlgo™ algorithm with a success rate of 64%. Also fascinating is that AltSignals has managed to amass a community of 50,000 users, which is very useful in attracting buyers to the new ASI coin available now in the presale phase.

AltSignals, refusing to be complacent, intend to push the boundaries further, with the ASI presale driving the development of ActualizeAI, an advanced AI-based machine learning product. ActualizeAI aims to craft even more precise trading signals by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as reinforcement learning and sentiment analysis.

Given the success of AltAlgo™ and the pedigree of the AltSignals team, the introduction of ActualizeAI is creating a buzz among investors.

What are the reasons to invest in AltSignals?

Investing in AltSignals could be a savvy move, as with the ASI token currently in phase 1 of its presale event, you’ll get early access to both the platform and the highly-anticipated ActualizeAI. This kind of access could give traders a leg up, potentially translating into significant profits for them due to a massive surge in buying demand when traders realize the potential — buying ASI could be one of the best crypto investments available now, especially considering its current price of $0.015.

The real kicker is at that moment — when traders catch on that having access to ActualizeAI is like holding a golden ticket.

It’s no surprise then that ASI is making its way onto analysts’ radar, with many pegging it as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

What are the risks of investing in AltSignals?

While AltSignals has the advantage of an existing user base which somewhat alleviates early-stage investment concerns, it’s vital not to overlook the inherent risks. It's wise for investors to remain vigilant and informed about the possible risks before jumping in.

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4. Metacade (MCADE) — Best innovative new GameFi project

What is Metacade?

 Metacade is a forward-thinking platform at the crossroads of gaming and blockchain. Its aim is clearly to build a worldwide play-to-earn arcade. Metacade's roadmap, outlined in its whitepaper, shows a determined path to becoming a leader in the burgeoning GameFi industry.

A standout feature of Metacade is its all-embracing rewards system, designed to cater to everyone – from the dedicated gamer to the occasional player and those who contribute by writing game reviews or sharing insights can earn rewards, enhancing community cohesion.

The enthusiasm surrounding Metacade is evident — strategic partnerships and exchange listings have fueled its momentum. Thus, the MCADE tokens, central to the platform, are attracting attention from investors who consider it the best crypto to buy now.

What are the reasons to invest in Metacade?

MCADE tokens are integral to Metacade’s operations. As the platform grows and draws more gamers eager to earn rewards, the demand for MCADE tokens will likely increase significantly. This positions MCADE as a potential high-growth asset in the GameFi space.

What are the risks of investing in Metacade?

While Metacade offers an exciting opportunity, it's essential to perform due diligence as there are uncertainties as with any crypto investment.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy MCADE here <<<

5. Solana (SOL) — Best alternative layer-1 blockchain?

What is Solana?

As an innovative player in blockchain technology, Solana, represented by its native token SOL, has carved out a niche for itself through its remarkable transaction processing prowess. With the ingenious integration of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus mechanisms, Solana stands out by executing a staggering number of transactions at a fraction of the cost typically associated with other Layer-1 platforms, such as Ethereum.

SOL is the fuel of the Solana network, serving not just as a token but as the driving force behind an array of burgeoning projects. From decentralized finance applications to NFTs, SOL is firmly entwined in the functions and utility of these services.

Reasons to Invest in Solana

The first thing that makes Solana an enticing investment is its robust ecosystem. Being at the core, SOL benefits as Solana continues to be a magnet for innovation. As developers and users flock to the network, the demand for SOL escalates with the growth of projects it sustains.

Solana’s extraordinary scalability is a game changer, and its ability to handle thousands of transactions per second at nominal costs cements its position as a high-performance blockchain. This is especially appealing for applications and services that require high throughput without the burden of exorbitant fees.

Solana also has garnered the attention and backing of influential investors and has cultivated a vibrant community. The community's passion, coupled with financial support, adds a layer of confidence and potential stability to SOL as an investment.

What are the Risks of Investing in Solana?

Just as with any investment, it is essential to consider the risks. While Solana has a high-performance blockchain and a strong community, it's still relatively new in the market and has not yet shown signs of taking Ethereum’s mantle.

6. Polygon (MATIC) — Best crypto to buy right now for layer-2

What is Polygon?

Polygon, commonly known by its native token MATIC, has established itself as an essential scalability solution for the Ethereum network. By creating a multi-chain system that functions as an interoperable layer, Polygon tackles some of the most significant challenges faced by Ethereum, including slow transaction times and high gas fees. MATIC acts as the functional currency and ensures the security and efficiency of transactions within the Polygon ecosystem.

Reasons to Invest in Polygon

One of the primary attractions of Polygon is its proven ability to enhance the scalability of Ethereum-based applications, and a solution that addresses Ethereum's limitations is desirable because of the growing demand for decentralized applications (dApps), especially in the DeFi and NFT spaces. Polygon’s adaptability makes it a sought-after framework for developers, which in turn can bolster the value of MATIC.

Another aspect that makes MATIC an intriguing investment is its active involvement in layer-2 scaling solutions, and these solutions are increasingly critical as blockchain technology evolves and requires higher transaction throughput. The role of MATIC in this space positions it well for long-term relevance and utility.

MATIC also benefits from the strong community that believes it remains the best crypto to buy now. With an open-source approach, Polygon invites innovation and collaboration, contributing to a robust and evolving ecosystem and translating into sustained demand and utilization for the MATIC token.

What are the Risks of Investing in Polygon?

While Polygon presents numerous strengths, it’s vital to remain aware of the associated risks. The blockchain industry is incredibly competitive, and new solutions are constantly emerging, which could lead to other solutions outpacing Polygon in terms of innovation or adoption.

As Ethereum evolves, particularly with the transition to Ethereum 2.0, some of the issues Polygon addresses might become less critical, which could alter the demand dynamics for Polygon's services. The project also has a very high market cap, making likely returns modest compared to newer projects.

7. Avalanche (AVAX) — Best crypto for layer-1 community

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche, represented by its native cryptocurrency AVAX, has swiftly carved a niche in decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain ecosystems. As an open-source platform, Avalanche lays the groundwork for a decentralized, robust, and high-speed network, and its pioneering consensus protocol is what truly distinguishes it, enabling it to process transactions at an unprecedented speed while not compromising on decentralization or security. AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche network, used for transaction fees, staking, and governance.

Reasons to Invest in Avalanche

Investors are attracted to Avalanche because of its unparalleled transaction processing capability. With the ability to handle thousands of transactions per second, coupled with near-instant finality, Avalanche stands out as an attractive infrastructure for building DeFi applications and enterprise blockchain solutions.

Avalanche's unique consensus mechanism also lends itself to high scalability and low transaction fees, making it an enticing alternative for developers and users frustrated with the congestion and the exorbitant gas fees on networks like Ethereum.

The team's commitment to fostering a diverse and interoperable ecosystem is another factor to consider, as its subnet feature provides a platform for launching custom blockchains with tailor-made settings suitable for various use cases. This ability to create and host multiple blockchains can be a significant driver of adoption and, subsequently, demand for AVAX.

What are the Risks of Investing in Avalanche?

As is the case with all investments in the cryptocurrency space, Avalanche is not without risks. The landscape is highly competitive, and newer, potentially more innovative solutions may emerge. Regulatory changes in the cryptocurrency sector could impact the entire market, including AVAX.

8. Polkadot (DOT) — Best crypto for interoperability

What is Polkadot?

Polkadot, symbolized by its native token DOT, has risen to prominence as one of the most advanced blockchain networks, designed to connect various blockchains into a unified ecosystem known for enabling different blockchains to transfer messages and value in a trust-free and decentralized way. Developed by one of Ethereum’s co-founders, Dr. Gavin Wood, Polkadot's architecture is unique — it has a multi-chain structure, where a central relay chain (Polkadot) provides security to multiple parallel blockchains called parachains.

Reasons to Invest in Polkadot

One of the primary reasons investors are keen on Polkadot as the best crypto to buy now is its revolutionary approach to solving scalability and interoperability issues in blockchain technology. By allowing multiple blockchains to run in parallel while still being connected, Polkadot paves the way for many new applications and functionalities.

Another significant attribute of Polkadot is the shared security model — Parachains that are part of the Polkadot network benefit from the collective security provided by the relay chain. This removes the need for each blockchain to establish its security, which can be both resource-intensive and challenging.

Polkadot also empowers developers with the flexibility to create custom blockchain solutions while still being able to interoperate with other networks. This is particularly attractive for projects that want to avoid the congestion and high fees of networks like Ethereum but still want to interact with its ecosystem.

The governance model in Polkadot is also worthy of mention, as DOT holders have a say in the development and upgrades of the Polkadot network, creating a more democratic and open development environment compared to networks that are more centrally controlled.

The Polkadot ecosystem is continuing to grow at a good pace, with more projects choosing to build on Polkadot or connect via its cross-chain infrastructure. This could lead to greater demand for DOT for governance, staking, and transaction fees.

What are the Risks of Investing in Polkadot?

While Polkadot offers numerous advantages, there are also risks.

As a relatively new project, Polkadot faces competition from other established and emerging networks. Also, any technical issues or security vulnerabilities in the network could adversely affect its reputation and, by extension, the value of the DOT token.

As a project with a high level of awareness already, the gains are also likely to be much less than some of the newest projects on our list.

9. Monero (XMR) — Best crypto for anonymity

What is Monero?

Monero, represented by its native cryptocurrency XMR, is an open-source cryptocurrency that places a premium on privacy, security, and fungibility. Monero uses a unique set of cryptographic functions to ensure that all transactions on its blockchain remain anonymous and untraceable. In an era where concerns regarding personal privacy and data security are mounting, Monero has carved out a niche as the go-to cryptocurrency for those wishing to transact anonymously.

Reasons to Invest in Monero

One of the primary reasons for considering an investment in Monero is its unwavering commitment to privacy. Unlike Bitcoin, where transactions are transparent and can be tracked back to the participants, Monero's use of ring signatures, stealth addresses, and confidential transactions obscures the sender, receiver, and amount involved in a transaction — making it a favored cryptocurrency for users who prioritize financial privacy.

Monero's fungibility is also an asset. Since the history of each XMR coin is untraceable, every token is interchangeable and indistinguishable from the next.

Monero’s mining algorithm is also noteworthy. It is ASIC-resistant, which means it is more democratic and decentralized as it allows individuals with regular computers to participate in the mining process, thus ensuring that Monero remains decentralized and secure.

As regulations tighten around cryptocurrencies and there is a growing demand for privacy-focused tools, Monero may see increased adoption by individuals and groups that want to transact outside the realm of traditional financial systems.

What are the Risks of Investing in Monero?

While Monero’s privacy features are highly sought after by privacy enthusiasts, they are also attractive for illicit activities — this has led some exchanges and jurisdictions to be cautious or even hostile towards Monero. Regulatory crackdowns or a ban on privacy coins could impact Monero's accessibility and value.

While Monero is a leader in the privacy coin space, competition from other privacy-focused cryptocurrencies could also affect its market position in the future.

10. Filecoin (FIL) — Best crypto investment for storage solutions

What is Filecoin?

Filecoin, with its native token FIL, is a decentralized storage network designed to store the most valuable data. It has captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community and tech enthusiasts alike, creating a marketplace for storage where users can buy and sell unused storage in an open and decentralized manner. By doing this, it aims to make web storage more efficient and affordable while providing incentives to those who share their unused storage capacities.

Reasons to Invest in Filecoin

One of the significant attractions of Filecoin is that it addresses a real-world problem: the need for secure, reliable, and efficient data storage. As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, the demand for storage solutions is rising. Filecoin aims to meet this demand through its decentralized storage network.

Another appealing aspect of Filecoin is its incentive structure. Individuals and organizations with unused storage capacity can monetize it by becoming storage providers on the Filecoin network. This not only incentivizes participation but also contributes to making storage more affordable and accessible.

Filecoin also brings data permanence, ensuring that valuable information is not lost. Its decentralized nature means that data is not reliant on any single entity or centralized server, reducing the risks of data loss due to failures or breaches.

Filecoin has garnered significant interest and backing from prominent investors and industry leaders. This support has played a pivotal role in its development and adds to its legitimacy as a viable project.

Filecoin uses a robust technological framework, which includes a unique consensus algorithm called Expected Consensus and cryptographic proofs to verify storage, lending additional security and integrity to the data stored on the network.

What are the Risks of Investing in Filecoin?

While Filecoin is an innovative solution, it operates in a competitive space with traditional cloud storage providers and other decentralized storage platforms, and the success of Filecoin depends on its ability to compete with these alternatives effectively.

Finally, as with any emerging technology, there's a risk of unforeseen technical challenges or security issues.

11. Hedera (HBAR) — Best for enterprise layer-1

What is Hedera?

Hedera, represented by its native cryptocurrency HBAR, is a public distributed ledger technology (DLT) network that goes beyond the conventional blockchain. It uses a novel consensus algorithm known as hashgraph, based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology. This groundbreaking approach enables Hedera to achieve unprecedented transaction speeds and network security, making it a compelling option for various applications, ranging from payments to supply chain tracking.

Reasons to Invest in Hedera

A significant attraction for investors considering Hedera is its blazing-fast transaction speed. Thanks to its hashgraph consensus algorithm, the network can process thousands of transactions per second (TPS), substantially outpacing traditional blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This makes it particularly suitable for high-throughput applications such as microtransactions, financial services, and IoT networks.

Security is another strong point for Hedera. Its consensus algorithm achieves a high level of security through asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance (aBFT), the highest standard for security in distributed systems, thus ensuring that the network can withstand malicious attacks and remain secure even in adverse conditions.

Another exciting aspect of Hedera is its governance model. The Hedera Governing Council comprises a diverse group of leading organizations from different industries and geographies, and this decentralized governance structure ensures that no single entity has control over the network, enhancing its trustworthiness and stability.

Hedera has also been gaining traction in the enterprise sector, with numerous companies integrating Hedera into their systems for various use cases. This adoption by real-world businesses signals confidence in Hedera’s technology and its potential for broad-scale applications.

What are the Risks of Investing in Hedera?

Hedera faces competition from both traditional blockchains and other DAG-based platforms. Its success will hinge on its ability to secure a significant market share and continue attracting developers and enterprises to build on its network.

Changes in regulations or unfavorable regulatory developments could also impact Hedera and HBAR, which has an enormous token supply.

How we determined the best cryptos to buy

In our quest to identify the most promising crypto projects to buy for significant returns, we looked into factors such as underrated prices, cryptocurrency availability, the long-term utility of the token, and market capitalization — all of which play a role in determining the best crypto to buy now.

It is crucial to understand what purpose a token serves and the vision behind it. If a coin has a clear function within its ecosystem and maintains its relevance, it is more likely to be resilient amidst market ups and downs.

Availability is another critical aspect. For a crypto token to be an attractive investment, it should be readily available, and this means that the token is supported on various exchanges and should have ample liquidity. When a cryptocurrency is easily accessible, it naturally becomes more attractive to investors.

Last but not least, market capitalization is an indicator to consider, calculated by multiplying the current price of the token with the total number of tokens in circulation. While a larger market cap could mean a more stable project, a smaller market cap might indicate higher risks yet better opportunities for exponential growth.

What should investors consider apart from the primary factors?

When plunging into the world of cryptocurrency, investors should also pay heed to specific additional considerations.

First and foremost, setting a budget is essential. It’s important to decide beforehand how much one is willing to invest and potentially lose, given the unpredictable nature of the crypto market. So this prevents rash decisions and allows for a well-diversified portfolio.

Accepting and understanding one’s risk tolerance is another consideration, as depending on your risk appetite, you may choose to invest in established cryptocurrencies or venture into lesser-known territories that carry higher risks but also the potential for significant returns.

Understanding a cryptocurrency's real-world applications and use cases helps evaluate its potential for long-term value. Whether a coin is for transactions, smart contracts, or other functions can shed light on its demand and relevance.

Security measures and compliance with cryptocurrency regulations are essential to examine. A cryptocurrency that emphasizes security and adheres to regulatory norms is likely to be a more reliable and stable investment option, making it more likely to be the top crypto to buy today.

Conclusion - Which cryptocurrency looks set to take off?

Numerous contenders are vying for the title of the best crypto in the crypto realm, matching the ambitions of investors searching for the best crypto to buy today. While established players have their own set of advantages, any cryptocurrency that meets the criteria we’ve discussed could potentially experience explosive growth. The key to finding the best crypto to buy now is thorough research and analysis before making an investment decision.

Here’s a recap of the recommended eleven best cryptos to buy today:

  1. Chancer (CHANCER)

  2. Shiba Memu (SHIBA MEMU)

  3. AltSignals (ASI)

  4. Metacade (MCADE)

  5. Solana (SOL)

  6. Polygon (MATIC)

  7. Avalanche (AVAX)

  8. Polkadot (DOT)

  9. Monero (XMR)

  10. Filecoin (FIL)

  11. Hedera (HBAR)


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