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The Beer Store Chooses Comodo’s Industry-Leading “Auto-Containment” Technology to Protect Against Both Known and Unknown Zero-Day Threats

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The Beer Store, a California-based distribution and retail chain with over 450 locations and 10 distribution centers, chose to implement Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) based on its industry-leading Auto-Containment technology. Using Comodo AEP they are now able to handle modern threats with less effort and more confidence to detect and protect against unknown zero-day threats.

Comodo was the Beer Store’s first choice after a robust evaluation process. They chose Comodo primarily due to the platform methodology and also found Comodo’s competitive price point to be attractive. The main feature that attracted their attention was the Auto-Containment. “The Auto-Containment… It brings peace of mind knowing that unknown viruses and payloads will be contained and prevent wide-spread damage to the organization.” Said Fabrizio Isabello, Senior IT Manager at the Beer Store.

While the Beer Store customers do not necessarily understand the “in’s and out’s” of what the solution brings to the table, they do understand is that steps are being taken to ensure a more secure environment. “The investment into a new modern age end-point protection tool demonstrates to the organization that cybersecurity is a top priority. Adopting Comodo demonstrates a commitment to that priority,“ Fabrizio continues.

The biggest change the Beer Store noticed since starting to work with the Comodo AEP solution is that they now have a centralized console where they have insight into all of their end-points. This has been incredibly valuable to our organization. “While this wasn’t the catalyst to deploying Comodo it has certainly been a nice find for us. We also have been able to leverage some of the other IT tools within the console, “ said Fabrizio.

The Dragon platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection, is a complete cloud-native framework that delivers a zero-trust architecture to protect and defend endpoints. Its patent-pending auto containment technology has active breach protection that neutralizes ransomware, malware, and cyber-attacks. The auto containment runs an unknown executable in a kernel API virtualized mode, thereby offering attack surface reduction (ASR) which neutralizes ransomware attacks. The Dragon Platform also utilizes a Default Deny security posture with Default Allow usability to provide the most comprehensive protection against zero-day threats while having no impact on end-user experience or workflows.

About the Beer Store

The Beer Store was established in 1927. The Beer Store is a pop culture icon! They operate over 450 retail stores, serve 20,723 licensed customers, 650 government-owned LCBO retail locations, 141 retail partners, and 71 Northern Agents. Customers can choose from more than 800 beer brands, in over 445 retail stores, from 190 brewers around the world.

About Comodo
Comodo is the world’s leader of next-generation open source cybersecurity, with the industry’s most disruptive innovations.

We help customers stop breaches with groundbreaking auto containment technology that neutralizes ransomware, malware and cyber-attacks. Our complete cloud-native framework delivers a zero-trust architecture with active breach protection for the most comprehensive defense against zero-day threats. Comodo’s cybersecurity products maximize intelligent sharing between every component of the platform, therefore providing superior security. We are the only company that analyzes and gives a trusted verdict for 100% of files on a network.

Comodo leverages innovation to celebrate and support the cybersecurity community by offering the very first open source endpoint detection and response (EDR). We believe that an open source model using community-powered collaboration will ensure that every organization has access to the industry’s most sophisticated EDR.

Headquartered in Clifton NJ, Comodo’s global development team and threat intelligence laboratories deliver innovative, category leading, security solutions for thousands of companies’ endpoints, network boundaries, and internal networks. For more information visit

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