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The Grave Wealth Gap Between Celebrities And You A new list highlights the ongoing wealth accumulation by celebrities, years after their death

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There’s no secret that global superstars make millions of dollars in their lifetime and continue to accumulate wealth even beyond the grave. But did you ever contemplate just how much that may be? A new blog post by PartyCasino Canada reveals the highest earning celebrities during the last year and the last decade through insightful statistics divided by earnings per month, day, and even down to the second.

The blog reveals that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who held number one for the past ten years was pushed down to a third place and there’s a new king in town: Roald Dahl, beloved author, poet and screenwriter, nipped the spot instead.

While the list is a mix between musicians and authors, the majority of places are held by musical superstars where Prince, Michael Jackson, Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley are lingering around the top. The trend where musicians are selling their entire music catalogue to publishing companies is an added factor to why this profession in particular has turned into a multibillion-dollar machine that investors worldwide can’t wait to get their hands on. While revenue from touring turned almost non-existent over the last two years, Shakira, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, and David Bowie took the opportunity to hand over their music rights in return for a hefty sum of money. Owning the publishing rights means a steady cashflow even during tumultuous times. The blog post shows that money doesn't slow after the passing of a superstar, in some cases it even increases.

In light of the mind-boggling money that is spent to own the rights to the most legendary musicians on the planet, this list gives you a hint as to why publishing houses are enticed to pay out hefty sums in return for the rights in perpetuity.

In addition to ranking the highest earning stars, PartyCasino has also created a calculator where you can compare your earnings with the mentioned celebrities. Type in your monthly wage and see how many minutes, or perhaps seconds, it will take them to make the same money - all from beyond the grave.


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