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The Most Reliable Essay Writing Service With Affordable Pricing in 2022

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Essay writing is perhaps one of the most familiar academic exercises we all get used to doing in high school and college. Yet, when asked to name the least favorite academic tasks, an average student would most certainly mention an essay. Why is that?

In this article, based on the recent research by an essay writing company 99Papers, we zoom into this discrepancy and unveil the mystery behind its prevalence in the modern academic world. In doing so, we highlight why good writing is important, pinpoint the most burning problems with the current education system and essay assignments in particular, and bring some compelling evidence on how reliable and affordable essay writing services help students to overcome those problems.

Why are writing skills important?

Whether a student, a job seeker, or a working person getting a degree – sometimes we all have to write texts. It could be a letter about yourself, a newspaper article, a blog post, or any other text where argumentative reasoning and storytelling are required.

A well-written text characterizes a person as literate and, well, civilized. If you want other people to respect, understand, and take you seriously, you should learn not only to speak correctly but also to write persuasively and engagingly.

Despite the abundance of electronic correspondence, we still value well-written letters and messages, should they be addressed to business partners, people who are our friends or relatives, especially to those who are older or higher in status (in any way). However, even a good friend will be pleased to read a beautiful text, instead of receiving a bunch of letters and emoticons on the phone.

Why ESSAY is the KING of all texts?

An essay is a perfect example of the art of writing. It has all the necessary writing elements, such as composition, structure, style, language, etc. The fact that we all start writing essays when we’re quite young and continue doing that quite frequently later in life, makes an essay a perfect trainer of our writing skills. As per 99Papers’s representative mr. Josh Young, an essay writing manager, “one may say that, in essence, this alone makes essays the kings of all academic texts”.

There are many different types of essays, and we, probably, won’t have space and time to name and define them all here. However, it is useful to know that some types are more difficult than others, and require significant writing time and effort.

In high school and college, we are taught how to write all types of essays, as well as how to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about essays. For example:

  1. What is the most important thing to remember when writing an essay?
  2. What would be most helpful in organizing information before drafting an essay?
  3. When writing an essay, what are the most important parts of the introduction?
  4. Which is most important to keep in mind when revising an essay?

If you can answer at least three questions out of these four – you must have studied the art of essay writing well.

All-in-all, there is no lack of essays at school whatsoever! On the contrary – essays dominate students’ day-to-day agenda, as stated by the 99Papers’s mr. Young. Academic institutions task students with hundreds of essays annually and students have to struggle, and do a lot of writing, regardless.

Why is there a DISCREPANCY after all?

Nothing would seem to indicate a problem with that set-up if the world was standing still. However, the world is moving forward fast and does so with ever-increasing speed. People, and especially the young generation, become immersed in the world of electronic, interactive, virtual, augmented reality, which saturates and transforms the way we communicate, play, work, and, of course, study.

“Learning is becoming increasingly interactive, almost like playing an interesting computer game”, mr. Young of continues - “Today’s behavioral scientists say that the best learning is the one, which involves emotions and experiences”. In other words – the human brain learns better and quicker when all our senses get involved. It is easier for the brain to connect the newly learned knowledge to a particular sensual experience. We learn most effectively by doing, playing, and collaborating with others.

Is traditional essay writing like that? Unfortunately – not. It is a self-learning exercise, consuming much time and bypassing much of the human senses and emotions. In most cases, essays at schools and colleges are given as take-home assignments and become a real burden for students’ evenings and often nights.

This is the origin of the above-mentioned discrepancy, or why students hate college essay assignments so much. Instead of reducing the pressure on students and figuring out new and interesting ways to teach how to write essays, the modern academic system persistently continues to overload students with solitary take-home assignments, sometimes on overlapping topics and with contradicting deadlines.

The rise of custom essay writing services

Whenever there is a demand, there will be a proposition. The flaws and imperfections of the education system have created pressure on students and the need for the market to invent new and innovative ways to deal with the dominance of take-home essay assignments.

This is how the online essay writing services, which once appeared online some 10-15 years ago (like 99Papers), quickly gained popularity among students around the world. They take off the burden of excessive solitary writing assignments from students’ shoulders and help them free up time needed for other academic tasks and active social life beyond studies.

In the US alone, there are over 300 essay writing services. One in two students has at least once used their services, and many have become their permanent customers.

They come in all forms and with a plethora of features

These days, there are a number of affordable and reliable essay writing services online. For a newcomer with a need to order a custom-made essay, it is easy to get lost in this abundance. The key is to shortlist at least a couple best matching services to one's specific needs first.

For instance, there are services, which excel at offering simple, yet reliable and affordable essay products. Their key customers are budget-concerned students and those who want a quick fix for their ordinary essay tasks with quickly approaching due dates. Some of the most affordable essay writing services would also offer a range of features for free, such as sample and title pages, references lists, and offer nice first-order discounts.

Other services specialize in offering greater variability and more choices for a sophisticated customer. They would be a good choice for senior students and all those demanding extra functionalities. The most reliable essay writing services also offer higher writing quality and greater security of customers' personal data and order details. We have seen companies that offer a double-writer option for those especially demanding essay tasks, a wide choice of expert writers from all kinds of academic disciplines, optional plagiarism-free reports, and an unlimited number of free-of-charge revisions.

The most advanced essay services also offer coaching and training sessions to help students acquire the much-needed skills on how to write a good essay. And even when such training does not come standard, professional essay writing agencies still offer free of charge databases of essay samples, where a curious and motivated student can always find plenty of inspiration and new knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions About Essay Writing Services.

Are College Essay Writing Services Legal?

There are no legal prohibitions to use college essay writing services. These services are as legitimate as many other academic services, such as editing and proofreading, translations, tutoring, etc. If you have heard any rumors about essay services being non-legal, most likely, they are spread by academic staff and administrations. Many online writing companies available 24/7 operate openly and provide assurances of quality work, secure personal information handling, and safety of financial transactions. They are not interested in crossing the red lines and start providing unscrupulous services, as this would simply cause irreparable damage to their reputation and lead to the termination of all their operations and incomes.

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

Many people believe they are perfectly ethical. They are the creation of an open market and in the long run will help to transform the education system into something more vibrant, versatile, adaptable and engaging. Essay writing services are exploring the weaknesses and compensating for the shortcomings of the modern learning system, namely the passive individual take-home essay assignments. If not for the essay services market, something else would come to take its place, that’s how all open markets work. Online essay writing services will continue to help students cope with imperfections of their college curriculums and the wide-spread opinion is that there is nothing unethical in such business.

Are Essay Writing Services Reliable?

A lot of custom essay writing services are reliable and trustworthy. Those that are the most popular usually are reliable at the same time, like for example, as the intense competition forces them to constantly develop and improve. Whenever someone comes with a new (and better) way of serving customers, the competitors quickly copy and implement their know-how. For instance, a Full Money-Back policy has become standard in the recent decade, same as the unlimited number of free of charge revisions. Essay agencies value their reputation and won't do anything stupid to hurt it and to scare off thousands of current and potential clients.

Are There Any Legit Essay Writing Services?

Many essay writing services are perfectly legit. They are available online 24/7 and offer a range of academic services, including essays and other academic papers. We have not heard of any legitimate obstacles to using them. Most are not taking advantage of someone else's work and often provide a plagiarism report free of charge along with the completed order. Be advised, though, to preferably use those services, which already have a significant customer base and have a significant volume of customers' feedback and expert opinions. This will ensure you stay on the safe side and avoid potential, though very little, the chance of coming across a newly established and unscrupulous essay service.

Can I Hire Someone to Write My College Essay?

No one has to struggle alone or fail a writing assignment. There are plenty of options out there on the web to find help. You can try searching online on your own using popular search engines, or rely on expert reviews. Perhaps, if you are new to this, expert reviews and user feedback would be a safe option. One may want to read some review articles and shortlist a number of essay writing services matching their needs. Then spend some time reviewing their websites or chatting to their customer support and asking questions – this may help to land on the best service to place the first order.

Are Essay Writing Services Worth it?

They are definitely worth considering and trying. Such services help to save time and avoid stress, as many students associate essay writing with the last-minute rush and sleepless nights. Reliable essay services with affordable pricing have become very popular for the students in a lot of high schools and colleges. Not everybody has the necessary skills to write a good quality text, whereas college teachers are not very helpful either as they do not do individual coaching sessions. This is where essay writing services come into play, as they offer professional essay writers for hire and set examples of what professional essay writing should look like, both in terms of execution and composition.


We learn the best when a wide array of our emotions and senses get involved, and when we become exposed to multiple sources of new knowledge and experiences. By the same token, there are other powerful “teachers” in life, known to humanity; they were not the subject of this article, though.

The passive, solitary, and narrow nature of the modern college writing assignments hinders students' learning progress and suppresses their writing skills. The latter is so much needed in today’s world with transparent borders and all-pervading communication technologies.

The reliable writing services with affordable pricing help students to compensate for the flaws of their academic institutions. They bring in a new perspective, an expert contribution to the learning process, and set examples on how to write good quality essays. When used wisely, a motivated and curious student would always find here an endless source of inspiration and new knowledge, let alone the much-needed help at busy times with too much stress over overlapping academic assignments.


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