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The Next Big Innovation by Bear Quartz has arrived

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With the Introduction of an all new Lowrider, Bear Quartz has brought another moment to raise the standard of the industry, further solidifying their status with another game changer.

The Lowrider

The All-new Lowrider has a unique design unlike any other banger. Opposed to sitting Level to the bucket, The Lowrider descends at approximately 45 degrees at the neck where the bucket is fully pulled. The Sleek, elongated, Hourglass design is combined with quadruple auto function.The Lowrider not only brings a beautiful aesthetic with its Descended Bucket, it delivers optimal functionality, with increased consumer comfort.

Problems and Solutions:

Traditionally angled bangers sit higher and closer to the consumer, and rig, allowing an easier path for reclaim to enter the neck of the banger and glass.

However, with The Lowrider, the descended bucket allows gravity to work with you, to help reduce the amount of concentrate pulled into the neck of the banger. The difficult, and unique, angle at which the full weld is pulled on the Lowrider, requires a lot more effort for the material to travel upwards and then down into consumer glass.

Not only does the Descending bucket bring added thermal shock protection from heat related stress fractures. This Revolutionary design allows increased user comfort and consumption through the distance provided.

Functionality is key

Of course, what is every great innovation without exquisite functionality. And we expected the Lowrider to be nothing short of it. The Bucket on the all-new Lowrider is extremely unique. The Bear Quartz Creation, the Hourglass, was elongated and turned into a diameter of 22mm at the base and dish, tapering in the middle. Combined with a thick 4mm Base, The Lowrider delivers a new level of optimal heat retention, effortless pull, and improved protection.This Stylish design is equipped with quadruple auto function, which provides multiple purposes. With 1 to 2 pearls inside the Lowrider, the added circulation gives you a seamless rotation, and distribution of airflow and concentrate. The added force generated by this design then helps create a small field in the bucket, which helps keep the concentrate down, and in the base, significantly reducing the amount of reclaim lost upwards.It is safe to say this innovation is unlike anything in the market today.

About Bear Quartz

 Bear Quartz is literally taking it to a whole new level. Crafting Industry game changers like the Highbrid, the Bear Slurper, the Hourglass, and now the Lowrider. Bear Quartz continues to bring us the newest innovations in the quartz industry, all while still maintaining the company foundations of supreme customer service, superior quality, and phenomenal value. Bear Quartz continues to show us why they are the # 1 sold quartz brand in the world.

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