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thread beauty Names Recording Artist Saucy Santana as First Celebrity Brand Ambassador

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Saucy Santana x thread beauty
Saucy Santana x thread beauty

thread beauty, the pioneering Gen-Z focused cosmetics brand continues to break beauty boundaries by announcing its first-ever Celebrity Beauty Ambassadorship with the viral music sensation and influential LGBTQIA+ advocate, American Hip-Hop Artist Saucy Santana, to promote affordable, inclusive beauty, and redefine beauty standards for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.


As a multi-hyphenate Artist and LGBTQIA+ icon, Santana embodies the fearless spirit of authenticity that thread beauty epitomizes. Beginning his career in the music industry as the Celebrity Makeup Artist to the City Girls, Saucy Santana’s unapologetic personality, fearless approach to self-expression as a LGBTQIA+ musical artist and his viral empowering anthems championing black women, align perfectly with thread beauty's commitment to making beauty affordable and accessible for all melanated beauty lovers of color and marginalized communities. As one of the few openly queer Hip-Hop Artists in the industry, Santana courageously paves the way for diversity in the music industry, challenging norms and celebrating the beauty of diversity through his artistry and activism. In turn, thread beauty continues to disrupt outdated beauty standards and pushes the envelope to introduce diverse images of beauty to its shelves at exclusive retailer Target.

"It's one thing to be the first celebrity face of thread beauty, but to also be the first celebrity face as a black, feminine, gay man will mean so much to my community - especially for boys like me! Within the community, boys that are considered bigger, dark skin, plus-size & feminine don't get a lot of opportunities. So it means a lot to me and speaks volume to who thread beauty is as a brand, that they chose me for this opportunity to show up for my community and make us more visible! And I love that!" shared Saucy Santana


thread beauty x Saucy Santana
thread beauty x Saucy Santana

Launching in 2022 and created by The Lip Bar Inc CEO & Founder Melissa Butler  , thread beauty, the Target-clean and cruelty-free Black-owned and female-founded brand, has been dually focused on delivering multi-use products in a broad range of shades at an affordable price (all products are $8), and championing diversity and challenging traditional beauty norms. By joining forces with Saucy Santana, the influential Rapper and trailblazing figure within the LGBTQIA+ community, thread beauty is furthering its mission to inspire and empower all beauty lovers of color, specifically in the queer community, with self-affirming cosmetics for the girls, guys, theys, thems and everyone in between, to feel not only welcome but also confident enough to unapologetically express their authentic selves.


The thread beauty x Saucy Santana partnership serves to strengthen the brand’s commitment to being an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community by further putting their money where their mouth is outside of Pride Month and empowering individuals from all walks of life to celebrate self-love, authenticity, beauty, self-expression and inclusivity through the harmonious fusion of music and cosmetics. Santana’s empowering lyrics encourage his fans to embrace their uniqueness and find strength in their identities, energetically rapping about topics such as self-confidence, body positivity, and overcoming adversity, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-love among his listeners. As a proud ally to the queer community, thread beauty currently donates 15% of every purchase on their brand site to LGBTQIA+ allyship organizations year-round. Saucy Santana is in full support of thread beauty’s ongoing #takepride campaign, which has been active since June of 2022 and donates to LGBTQIA+ causes, including the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, Black AIDS Institute, The Trevor Project and Joshua Home: An LGBTQ Safe Haven.

"Prior to launching thread beauty, we weren't seeing diversity in the beauty space, especially when it comes to men in makeup. thread was very proud to be the first brand to put a man-in-makeup on our main header displays in Target. I know first-hand that representation matters. If there's a little boy out there that wears makeup or wants to wear lip gloss but doesn’t see that in the retail spaces, then there's room for shame or the need to seek validation. I truly believe that without representation, you are left seeking validation, and thread beauty shows up to validate the niches that were not being previously validated - especially in the color cosmetics space. Who better to be the face of a beauty brand championing unapologetic self-expression and genuine authenticity than 'the' Saucy Santana? We are overwhelmed & overjoyed that we get to embark on this first partnership with him." shared thread beauty CEO & Founder, Melissa Butler


As the first beauty brand to feature male models and creators in its in-store header visuals at Target, thread beauty’s new campaign images will once again be disrupting ‘the norm’ or ‘standard idea’ of drug store beauty, reinforcing the need for this groundbreaking partnership. Furthermore, due to the brand’s continued focus on diversity and inclusivity, thread beauty's newly expanded line of “face it” complexion sticks, now features the largest shade range of any stick foundation available in store at Target - with an inclusive range of 26 shades and counting!

thread beauty is available on, and in Target stores nationwide.

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Created in 2011 by beauty entrepreneur and The Lip Bar Inc CEO Melissa Butler, thread beauty is a Gen-Z focused, Black-owned and female-founded clean and cruelty-free beauty brand inspired by the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. thread beauty is on a mission to create products that cater to all beauty lovers, with diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, allyship and self-expression at the forefront of the brand’s identity. thread beauty focuses on delivering multi-use products in a broad range of shades, ranging from deep melanin shades, to bold, bright pigments, all at an affordable price of $8. thread beauty is available on, in Target stores nationwide and

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About Saucy Santana

Saucy Santana is an American Rapper and viral social media personality with over 5M followers across all social media platforms. His viral songs include Walk, Material Girl, MaterialGworllllllll! featuring Madonna and Bootyfeaturing Latto. Saucy Santana spawned two of the hottest viral trends of 2021; #WalkChallenge and #MaterialGworll. Santana has opened for Lizzo on two US tours, is a LGBTQIA+ advocate and has an infectious personality that has cultivated a global fanbase.

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