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Thriving During Dry January Co-Founders of Athletic Brewing Company Discuss Dry January and the Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Dry January – kicking off the New Year by cutting out alcohol for an entire month – is a trend that more and more people are embracing each year. After indulging over the holidays, it’s no surprise that so many people hit the reset button in January. Recently, Co-Founders of Athletic Brewing Company, Bill Shufelt and John Walker, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss changing the narrative around Dry January, industry trends, and much more.

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Co-Founders of Athletic Brewing Company Discuss Dry January and the Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Athletic Brewing believes consumers shouldn’t have to “suffer” through a sober January, but instead continue to celebrate in a healthy way by substituting alcoholic beverages with delicious craft brews that forgo the booze but not the taste.

“After indulging over the holidays, it’s no surprise that so many people hit the reset button in January,” said Athletic Brewing Company Co-founder Bill Shufelt. “We want to help people shift their mindset and make January into less of a sacrifice. The conversation around non-alcoholic beer has changed. It’s no longer about restricting yourself. It’s about rewarding yourself and making better choices.”

The non-alcoholic beer market in the U.S. surged to $230 million in 2020. Despite the continuing pandemic, the craft non-alcoholic beer category is up over 300% year-to-date again this year (Nielsen). In just four years of operation, the company has grown from one 10,000 barrel capacity brewery headquartered in Connecticut to an additional 125,000 barrels in San Diego in 2020. In 2022, Athletic will open its third brewery, allowing them to brew more than 150,000 barrels on each, the East and West Coasts to keep up with surging consumer demand. With that level of capacity, Athletic will continue its distribution growth domestically and into new international markets

Nearly 50 percent of American adults consume 0.1 drinks or less per week and Athletic offers a beverage that can be enjoyed seven days a week, at any time of day, in just about any venue or occasion.

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About Bill Shufelt:

Co-Founder, Athletic Brewing Company. When Bill Shufelt decided to get healthier and cut back on alcohol, he sought out a flavorful beer to fit his lifestyle. He soon realized there was nothing like that on the market. He wondered if he was left unsatisfied by the current nonalcoholic beer offerings, how many others like him were out there in thirsty silence? In 2017, with a community of like-minded individuals, Bill started Athletic Brewing, the first U.S. based beverage company devoted exclusively to brewing high-quality, nonalcoholic craft beer. Skepticism gave Athletic a first-mover advantage – today, the non-alcoholic beer category is the fastest-growing segment of the entire beer industry – with Athletic Brewing Company at the helm representing over 45% of the category.

About John Walker:

Co-Founder and Head Brewer, Athletic Brewing Company. John Walker was the Head Brewer at Second Street Brewery in 2017 when Bill invited him to re-imagine what non-alcoholic beer could taste like. It took hundreds of test batches, but the final beer was exceptional. Athletics’ beers have earned accolades throughout the industry, measuring up against full-strength beers, including three gold medals at the US Open Beer Championship 2021 and the recognition of “Craft Brewery of the Year” by Brewbound Magazine. The proprietary process developed by Athletic uses all-natural ingredients to make great-tasting craft beer that just happens to be nonalcoholic. At only 50-70 calories per can, Athletic brews fit into any occasion, so that drinkers don’t have to choose between having great beer or feeling great the next day.

About Athletic Brewing:

International Beer Challenge 2020 “Brewer of the Year North America,” Athletic Brewing Company is reimagining beer for the modern, active adult. Their great-tasting craft brews let you enjoy the refreshing taste of craft beer, without the alcohol or the hangover. You can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, and still be healthy, active, and at your best; it’s the very reason they started brewing them in the first place. With custom breweries on the east and west coasts, their lineup has earned accolades throughout the industry, even against full-strength beers, including the 2020 World Beer Award Gold medal for Run Wild. To top it all off, as part of the Athletic Brewing “Two for the Trails” initiative, 2% of all sales are donated to trail and park cleanups and maintenance. Additionally, as a part of their IMPACT Program, 1% of revenue goes to non-profit organizations that support positive impact and opportunity from the ground up in their communities.




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