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Tidewater joins NAMEPA in support of efforts to “Save Our Seas” Company with the world’s largest Offshore Support Vessel fleet is dedicated to marine stewardship and sustainability

News release by North American Marine Environment Protection Association

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Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Founder and Executive Director of North American Marine Environmental Protection Association (NAMEPA) announced that Tidewater (NYSE: TWD) has become a corporate member of the Association. Tidewater joins NAMEPA and other industry members in efforts to protect the marine environment, promote industry best practices and to “Save Our Seas.”

“Tidewater is one of the largest and most respected offshore supply vessel company in the world, with a robust sustainability program and a reputation for quality shipping practices” stated NAMEPA’s Co-Founder/Executive Director Carleen Lyden Walker. “We are honored to have them back as NAMEPA members and look forward to working with them to further efforts to ‘Save Our Seas’.”

Jason Stanley, Tidewater’s Vice President of ESG stated, “Over 5,000 of our employees have dedicated their lives to the marine environment and depend on its health and sustainability for food, employment and the overall quality of life in their communities. We care deeply about the ocean and its wellbeing and are committed to its protection through promoting environmentally responsible practices, investing in technology enabling material carbon reduction, and building strong partnerships with organizations that share these goals. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with NAMEPA and our fellow members to preserve our critically important marine ecosystems for generations to come.”

Dedicated to protecting the safety of its employees, building strong community relationships and maintaining awareness of potential environmental impact all while promoting strong business ethics, Tidewater is a positive influence in the Maritime Industry. Tidewater has an exemplary reputation for providing their customers with exceptional service while maintaining safe and environmentally responsible operations, clearly aligning with NAMEPA’s mission to promote industry best practices and to Save Our Seas.

Jason Stanley, Tidewater’s Vice President of ESG

Tidewater owns and operates the largest fleet of Offshore Support Vessels in the industry, with over 65 years of experience supporting offshore energy exploration and production activities worldwide. To learn more, visit www.tdw.com

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