Top Cryptos 'Diamond Hands' Are Hodling: Bitcoin (BTC), Everlodge (ELDG), Dogecoin (DOGE) | News Direct

Top Cryptos 'Diamond Hands' Are Hodling: Bitcoin (BTC), Everlodge (ELDG), Dogecoin (DOGE)

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As the recent crypto bull run comes to an end investors are wondering which tokens they should hold and which they should sell. According to crypto experts, Bitcoin, Everlodge and Dogecoin are being held long term, with many analysts predicting long term gains over the next year.

Will Bitcoin Hit A New ATH In 2024?

Bitcoin recently pioneered a crypto bull run. After hitting its highest value in 2023, the crypto market followed, with some projects recording price increases of over 100%. Now, investors are asking what’s next for Bitcoin after it decreased by 4% in the last week.

In the short term, some experts predict that Bitcoin could fall below $40,000. This setback could trigger a bear market, though Bitcoin is expected to bounce back in Q1. This recovery is expected to be fueled by a recent announcement by the U.S. Government. The development impacts accounting rules, and will make Bitcoin more accessible for U.S. companies.

According to Cory Klippsten, the CEO of Swan Bitcoin, this development could trigger another DeFi bull run, during which Bitcoin could hit a new all-time high.


Dogecoin Set To Surge After Elon Announcement

Dogecoin is expected to surge in Q1 after Elon Musk announced a new satellite named after the project. Doge-1 is a satellite showcasing the Dogecoin logo. Upon launch, Dogecoin is expected to rise dramatically, with some experts suggesting that it could double in value.

Additionally, the launch of Doge-1 will also trigger a surge in Dogecoin activity on social media. Social media hype has historically triggered surges in Dogecoins value, which has many experts excited about Dogecoins performance in Q1.

At the time of writing, Dogecoin was trading at $0.09466 and had decreased in value by 4% over the last week.

Diamond Hands Buy Everlodge For Long Term Returns

 Everlodge is becoming extremely popular among investors after the first few stages of its presale quickly sold out. The innovative new project has been praised for its unique new DeFi application, and some experts believe its value will increase 35x when the project launches on major exchanges.

Everlodge is a new DeFi ecosystem with a focus on the travel property market. Its star feature is a new marketplace where investors can buy equity in travel properties. To do this, they will buy fractionalized NFTs that represent equity in the property. After buying, they will generate an income based on the proportion of the property they own. For example, if an investor owns 15% of a property, they will earn 15% of its revenue.

Everlodge will also introduce a new launchpad for property developers, where investors can get involved early to maximize their returns. This unique new concept is the first of its kind, and is expected to disrupt the travel property market, which is currently surrounded by red tape.

To get involved in the Everlodge presale, investors can buy ELDG tokens. Tokens are currently available for $0.027 and offer a number of lucrative holder benefits. One benefit that stands out is free stays at properties throughout the Everlodge ecosystem. These stays offer the chance to earn a free holiday, or additional income if the investor chooses to sell their stay.

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Everlodge provides you with a seamless approach to fractional investing in vacation rentals, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional real estate investment. Our innovative platform revolutionizes the way people invest in second homes.


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