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Torr Metals Expands Kolos Copper-Gold Project by 75% and Prepares for 2024 Field Season

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Torr Metals CEO Malcolm Dorsey joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce a significant expansion of the Kolos Copper-Gold Project. Through strategic staking, Torr Metals has increased the project area by 75%, growing from approximately 140 km² to 240 km². This expansion focuses on the northern area of the project, following the extension of the north-trending Fanta Fault. This fault has been identified by the company as a major structural control on copper and gold mineralization in the region.

Dorsey also shared that, in conjunction with the project expansion, the company has mobilized a field team in preparation for the upcoming 2024 field season. The team will conduct early reconnaissance at multiple newly identified exploration targets, including a newly discovered mineralized outcrop in the Vik Zone. This proactive approach aims to identify and assess the potential of these targets to expand the resource base and enhance the project's overall value.

The Vik Zone outcrop is the first new mineralized rock exposure identified and sampled by Torr Metals within an area that had been recognized as a potential source for anomalous historical silt samples. A rock grab sample taken in 2023 from this outcrop yielded 379 parts per million (ppm) copper (Cu) and 238 ppm molybdenum (Mo). This outcrop is located near a high resistivity ZTEM anomaly, which is interpreted as a potential source intrusion for the mineralization. This anomaly will be one of the key exploration targets for early reconnaissance in 2024.

Dorsey emphasized the importance of these new findings, stating that the expansion and identification of new targets significantly enhance the potential of the Kolos Copper-Gold Project. The company's focus on systematic exploration and early-stage reconnaissance aims to uncover additional high-value mineral resources, contributing to the project's growth and development.

Looking ahead, Torr Metals is committed to advancing the Kolos Copper-Gold Project through a combination of strategic expansion, rigorous exploration, and efficient resource development. The upcoming 2024 field season will play a crucial role in assessing the newly identified targets and further delineating the mineral potential of the expanded project area.


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