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TraWell Co "looking forward to best year ever" in margin terms

News release by TraWell Co

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TraWell Co CEO Rudolph Gentile speaks to Steve Darling from Proactive about how the multinational airport retail company has been performing recently.

Gentile gives a brief history of the company, which specialises in luggage wrapping services, and says it has experienced remarkable growth since its founding 27 years ago. He emphasises his personal involvement in the company's early operations.

He says the service is used for several different reasons, including the safeguarding of luggage from damage, theft, and inclement weather and has gained traction in the years since the company's founding.

Although the pandemic led to a temporary reduction in airport coverage, TraWell is poised for a strong comeback, with plans to expand to major airports. He also notes that the company had its "best year ever" in 2022 in terms of "marginality" and expects a new record in that respect for 2023.

The CEO also highlighted the company's rebranding to accommodate a broader range of airport services, including luggage storage and parking. Gentile expresses particular enthusiasm for the US market, citing it as a pivotal driver for growth and investor interest.

Looking ahead, TraWell Co. aims to pursue strategic acquisitions, further expanding its presence and establishing itself as a major player in the travel services industry. s


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