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Tribe Property Technologies second-quarter financial sets path to profitability

Tribe Property Technologies Inc.
News release by Tribe Property Technologies Inc.

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Tribe Property Technologies CEO Joseph Nakhla discussed the company's financial performance and strategic developments during an interview with Steve Darling from Proactive.

Nakhla highlighted the financial results for the three and six months ending on June 30, 2023, showcasing notable growth and progress.

Tribe Property Technologies witnessed a commendable 11.3% increase in revenue during 2Q 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. This growth was attributed to a combination of organic expansion and strategic acquisitions.

The company's efforts to reduce costs have also contributed to its path towards profitability, a key milestone in its strategic plan.

Nakhla provided insights into the financial figures, shedding light on the company's strategy for growth. He discussed the significant opportunities that exist for Tribe Property Technologies to continue expanding its operations and increasing its market presence.

Strategic acquisitions have played a pivotal role in the company's growth trajectory. One of the recent acquisitions highlighted by Nakhla was the property management firm, Meritus Group Management. With a portfolio encompassing over 5,000 homes under management, this acquisition strengthens Tribe's national presence significantly.

The addition of Meritus Group Management positions Tribe Property Technologies with a total of 8 offices across Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Nakhla further outlined the company's approach to integration, mentioning that Meritus will continue to operate independently until mid-2024. At that point, the Meritus team, led by Dean McCabe, will formally join Tribe Property Technologies.

This strategic approach ensures a seamless transition and leverages the strengths and expertise of both companies.

Tribe Property Technologies' pursuit of growth through strategic acquisitions and organic expansion underscores its commitment to becoming a key player in the property management industry.

The company's financial results and continued efforts towards profitability highlight its ability to execute on its strategic goals and create value for stakeholders.


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