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Tribevest Debuts “Open Tribes” to Allow More Investors to Participate in Private Investments Open Tribes create operational efficiencies for real estate syndications raising capital

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon COLUMBUS, OHIO | March 02, 2023 08:55 AM Eastern Standard Time

 Tribevest, the leaders in group investing, announced today they launched a new product called Open Tribes, designed to pave the way for investors to participate in more private investments. Open Tribes are fully-serviced, turn-key investor groups that lower the barrier to entry for private assets such as real estate syndications and other investments that require large minimums.

Through the Open Tribe process, multiple investors can contribute capital towards a specific deal under the umbrella of an active multi-member LLC. Through Tribevest’s services, the tribe will be protected by a ratified operating agreement and offer the ability to pool capital safely and quickly. Once all the funds are pooled from all the members of the LLC, the tribe can invest in a specific deal as one business entity. For example, if an Open Tribe of 10 people contributes $10,000 each, their LLC can reach a $100,000 minimum for a single investment.

“This is an absolute game changer in the world of private investing,” said Travis Smith, Founder and CEO of Tribevest. “An Open Tribe will have an immediate impact on a deal sponsor looking to raise capital as well as an investor looking to get into more deals and diversify their portfolio.”

Tribevest pre-launched Open Tribes in January of 2023, where over $1 million was raised on three deals. Tribevest worked with sponsors raising money for private real estate syndications. Those companies included Rise48 Equity, Aspen Funds, and Motel to Apartment Conversions. Members from the Left Field Investors’ community joined forces through three Open Tribes to reach a minimum and invest in properties that included an apartment complex in Dallas and a retail shopping center in Kansas City. A single check was sent to the deal organizer, while Tribevest handled the back-office administration.

Smith added, “Tribevest was founded to allow friends and family to invest together as a group. We still provide that service and have thousands of tribes actively building wealth together. Now, through an Open Tribe, an investor doesn’t need to have a prior relationship with other tribe members. Plus, deal partners and sponsors can raise more capital without the burden of the admin that comes with adding more investors to a deal.”

Tribevest provides the tools, including an FDIC-insured bank account, cap ledger, cap table, and tax services, to quickly, safely, and transparently operate as an active multi-member LLC.

“The response by our Left Field community during the Open Tribe pre-launch period was overwhelming,” said Jim Pfeifer, Founder of Left Field Investors. “I believe we unlocked a door that will bring more people to passive real estate investments beyond the wealthiest individuals. We expect Open Tribes to become a critical tool that allows investors to diversify and effectively lower minimums. Our partnership with Tribevest is having a huge impact on passive investing in syndications by making group investing easy.”

“Tribevest and their ‘Open Tribes’ model is truly an innovative structure that allows investors to compliantly gain access to opportunities to grow their wealth,” said Zach Haptonstall, CEO of Rise 48 Equity. “We have enjoyed our partnership with Tribevest and their founders as we work together to create conservative investment opportunities for those looking to invest into real estate. I expect Tribevest and Open Tribes to grow quickly and be a name brand in the real estate industry for years to come.”

Tribevest has partnerships in place with Aspen Funds, BV Capital, Life Bridge Capital, Rise48 Equity, Sugo Capital, and Viking Capital.

Capital raisers interested in learning more about an Open Tribe can go to

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