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TRON x HTX DAO Hong Kong Meetup 2024: Building a Metaverse Free Port in Hong Kong

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On April 9, the "TRON x HTX DAO: Hong Kong Meetup 2024" event, hosted by TRON and co-organized by HTX DAO, took place in Hong Kong with great success. This bustling event brought together the brightest minds of the HTX DAO ecosystem: project leaders, committee members, and influential KOLs. Their energy was palpable as they delivered speeches delving into the future of HTX DAO and the ever-changing crypto landscape.

TRON founder Justin Sun took center stage via a video, outlining the exciting developments within the TRON ecosystem and HTX DAO's commitment to decentralization.

Sun emphasized the mission: leveraging blockchain technology to build a borderless financial system, empowering billions of unbanked individuals worldwide.

This dedication is reflected in TRON's impressive statistics: over 220 million registered accounts, 7.4 billion transactions facilitated, a whopping $23.5 billion in total value locked, and over $11 trillion in total transaction value, ranking second to Ethereum among global public chains. Meanwhile, HTX DAO is forging its own path. Having recently concluded its inaugural People Committee election, HTX DAO established strategic partnerships with over 30 parties, such as projects, institutions, and exchanges. This collaborative approach gathers diverse expertise and influence within the blockchain sphere, shaping a new model for decentralized ecosystem governance.

Justin Sun wasn't just looking back; he cast his vision towards the future of crypto. He highlighted the recent crypto spotlights, including the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs and innovations in Layer 2 and Web3. These advancements, he argued, are attracting traditional finance and fueling a bullish market across cryptocurrencies, anticipating Bitcoin to hit an all-time high of $160,000 to $200,000 post-halving. Sun emphasized the critical question in the bull cycle: how can communities and teams thrive in the next decade? He believes the answer lies in decentralization and community-driven governance. Sun sees these elements as essential for fostering transparency, fairness, and collective decision-making within crypto projects. This focus on community aligns perfectly with his long-held vision for the blockchain industry – a vision where he started in this realm.

Besides technological development, Sun stressed the need for a cultural shift within the crypto industry, advocating for a strong foundation of communities built on transparency, fairness, and user autonomy. This community-centric approach, he believes, will be the true driving force for the future of TRON DAO and HTX DAO – a future where people, communities, and users are seamlessly integrated.

Sun also pointed out that Hong Kong is rising as a gateway for blockchain services. He expressed his belief that Hong Kong has the potential to become a financial free port within the metaverse, offering a stage for engagement within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

Additionally, a diverse range of KOLs and project representatives took the stage. Moon, a newly elected member of the HTX DAO People Committee, emphasized the constant presence of opportunity in the market. Jessie, representing the Miss Asia Charity Fund, highlighted HTX DAO's ability to empower each member to become a community leader. Dr. K, founder of MetaMCN, expressed unwavering confidence in HTX DAO's future success, fueled by active participation and support. Cc and Mia, the driving force behind SHEHUB DAO, showcased their platform designed to empower female professionals in Web3. They focus on knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration, ultimately fostering greater female participation in the space.

The successful hosting of both the 2024 Hong Kong Web3 Festival and the TRON x HTX DAO: Hong Kong Meetup 2024 event has fueled excitement for Hong Kong's role in the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. As industry leaders, HTX DAO and TRON remain dedicated to providing more opportunities for communication and collaboration with Web3 participants and entrepreneurs. Their ongoing commitment to the exploration of Hong Kong's innovations within the crypto field promises to inject fresh momentum into the global cryptocurrency market to boost growth and prosperity.


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