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Turbo Energy "expecting to grow very fast" after Nasdaq listing

Turbo Energy SA
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Turbo Energy SA (NASDAQ:TURB) General Manager Mariano Soria speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London after the Spain-based photovoltaic energy company completed its Nasdaq listing in the US.

Soria gives an overview of the business, describing it as being "at the forefront of technology for storing photovoltaic energy" and explaining how the company has managed to use artificial intelligence to help improve its offering.

The company is using AI to save its customers money by analysing energy usage patterns and cross-referencing the data with weather and energy-price forecasts to maximise efficient deployment of stored energy.

He goes on to say that the learning done by the company over the last ten years has gone into its primary product, called the SunBox - a plug-and-play solution that can be installed in a users home very quickly and with minimal training. He also talks about plans for the future, saying that he is "expecting to grow very fast" given that they "have probably the most advanced system for cost-savings in residential photovoltaics."


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