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U.S. Gold Corp Director Schafer Reveals Advantages of CK Gold Project in Wyoming

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U.S. Gold Corp Director Robert Schafer joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss the CK gold project in Wyoming, highlighting its strategic advantages.

Schafer emphasized several key points about the project. Firstly, he highlighted the project's advantageous infrastructure, located near major highways and railroads, which facilitates easy transportation of materials to smelters. This infrastructure advantage enhances the project's economic viability.

Schafer also pointed out the high-quality copper concentrate with significant gold content, making the project economically favorable. Additionally, the low sulphide content in the ore minimizes environmental impact, offering potential benefits such as water storage and road construction.

Furthermore, Schafer underscored the positive relationship between the project and the Wyoming government, highlighting the streamlined permitting process and the project's contribution to the state's Education Fund through royalties.

One of the project's notable strengths is its dual exposure to copper and gold markets, which positions it favorably amidst economic fluctuations. Schafer expressed optimism about the project's promising future, reflecting on its numerous strengths and benefits.

Overall, U.S. Gold Corp is committed to driving forward with the compelling venture in Wyoming's resource-rich landscape, leveraging the project's strategic advantages for long-term success.


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